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Silicone Lifecasting Hiccups

Would like to preface this by clarifying that me and my team entered this with very limited background knowledge in casting and molding making. That said, definitely made the mistake of thinking working with the material would be a lot… Continue Reading Silicone Lifecasting Hiccups

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GELing It All Together

Hello! A lot of stuff has happened since my last post, but let me try to catch you up on what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks… When my team was working out how the “skin”… Continue Reading GELing It All Together

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SFX Fall 2018 – Project Overview

Though most of our effort in practical special effects will be given to designing and fabricating an amazing practical effect, the real goal of the course is to create a demo reel that demonstrates just how amazing and effective the effect is on screen.

detail from delicious dungeon manga

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