Testing Out the Sound

The rock speakers before any fabrication.

A big part of creating an immersive soundscape is having the right technology for it. We now have fourteen rock speakers that will blend in with the surroundings and that are definitely loud enough to cut through the loud noise/commotion of the downtown area. We also have two speakers for the inside of the nest that are going to be hidden away. Everything is water proof and should be able to stay outside for the entirety of the show.

Initially, we were planning on 16 channels, but due to amp availability, as well as technical limitations, we have slimmed our channel count down now to 7.

The amps with the 6 rock speakers connected.

For a test run, we have six of the rock speakers connected to six channels from the amps. We have the audio routed so that the three different soundscapes (entrance, outside the nest, inside the nest) each have two speakers. It sounds really cool hearing everything, but there are some limitations that come with this test. The test setup is inside, so the audio bleed between the different soundscapes is very noticeable. More tests will probably have to be done outside so we can determine just how much of a problem this is.

Now, we just need to work on finding a way to create a feeling of unity between the three areas which shouldn’t be too hard, as well as getting all of our cables and speakers prepared.

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