The Magic (or science?) of Light

In the beginning there was light… 

Well, if you plan it out there will be anyways 😉

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to be working on this project since the Spring Semester.  Throughout the summer I have been designing lighting colorscape for our monster’s habitat. 

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to evoke a magical realism upon the area we are activating.

We talked a lot about creating a colorful canopy for our monter to exist in.  Much like the inspiration image below.

We see this environment shifting subtly while our visitors tour the habitat, observing the magic of the monster that shyly protects Waller creek.

With the backing of my design team and a mission to make magic happen, I proceeded to do the math.  You know, because Magic is just science we don’t understand yet.

Using CAD, I was able to map out the ideal location of the lighting fixtures we wanted to use, how many we would need to cover the area’s we wanted to light, and predict how the light when properly focused would spread onto the trees.

In addition to creating a colorful world in the trees we are also going to create a UV activated path that will help guide our visitors to the Nest where the creek monster rests.

We have done testing and done even more math and now know how many fixtures at what distance we need to activate the UV path.

We still have a lot of work to do and problems to solve.  

How do you make a monster blink?