The Skin on my Chinny-Chin-Chin

Yikes! Our raptor reveal party with breakfast tacos is one week away! But I feel great about our progress. A few weeks ago raptors were chasing me in my nightmares but now I feel great to stand in our classroom with three real, tangible, lovely lady raptors ??? I spoke to a few classmates to see what remains on their to do lists:

Our electrician Allegra was very confident this evening. She and Justin are waiting on an order of batteries and EL tape. They need to wire two heads and one leg. Then, they’ll run a few tests to assure that everything works! After our class ends they’ll need to give the raptors check ups to make sure the girls are nice and healthy.

I also spoke with Jacob who was helping the hands team with their springs so the fingers have fuller  articulation.

The structure team has done a beautiful job dressing the raptors in ethafoam. They also provided raptor #3’s torso with more rattan so the skin has several planes to rest on and not sag. Next, they will attach the feet and the head of raptor #3

Chun on the skin team has patterned two beautiful heads and will continue to refine the proportions of his latest model.

What I’m most excited about is our designer Cait’s epiphany. Our skin team has a total of 3 molds. There’s a texture with large scales, one with smaller scales, and the underside of the chin. A few evenings ago Cait sent me a few texts with the chin skin in other parts of the raptor. Check it out!

(here’s the original placement)


Wow such versatility with one skin extreme! Cait’s a genius! Using our three textures she has draped a lovely design and we’re currently adhering the shapes together and painting the flesh!

I don’t know why I was so terrified! I’m in a class with very talented hard working students and I am amazed at what we have accomplished.

-Joey Harrington, Skin team, 1st year UT Costume Tech.