Waller Creek Build

I believe that working on the Creek Monster Habitat project has been a very fulfilling experience. This project has given me the opportunity to step away from the typical number-crunching engineering courses and allowed me to be creative and be a part of something significant. Initially, I was put in charge of the lantern aspect of our project. Our plan was to make lanterns using plastic bottles and letting people decorate them and encourage them to bring them along during the procession; however, due to some concerns of not being able to recycle the plastic after they were decorated, we decided to get rid of this idea. Thus, I began helping others with whatever they needed. The very first thing we did was assemble the nest which surprisingly did not take very long. Next, I helped make the signs for our installation. This was a very fun process since I enjoy doing hands-on work. I mainly cut down the pieces of wood to the appropriate dimensions and began assembling the frames for the small signs. 


I also contributed to the project by collecting the Arundo which we were going to use to dress the nest. That morning was quite eventful since we managed to get the UT truck, which we had borrowed to collect the material, stuck in the mud. 

Our goal for our Earth Day Project is to create awareness about the impact our actions can have on the environment. We also want to instill a sense of appreciation for nature and the animals that rely on it to survive. Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles we’ve faced in this project is the current pandemic situation. The University has closed and as a result, we are no longer able to work on the physical aspects of our project. Moving forward, we will be helping out the social media team to create some sort of content. 


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