Waller Creek: The End For Me But Not For You

This semester was an interesting one. Never would I have imagined that a nationwide pandemic would force us to stay home, effectively stopping the Waller Creek Earth Day Project in its tracks. All the work that we had done as a class just negated, meaningless. I’m graduating, so I won’t even be able to see the end of the project. So, what’s the point now? What can I do?

It’s easy to get caught up in this kind of negative thinking, so let’s not do that. Let’s instead focus on the good that we have done, and are continuing to do despite our situations. Firstly, we are still accomplishing our goal of raising awareness for Waller Creek. Every student in this class has been working hard to expand our project to social medias since we can’t physically finish it.

A social media flier created by Laura Godinez to help continue our Earth Day Project

We’ve been reaching out to people, to get their voices heard, to channel the voice of Waller Creek through them.

Second, we’ve been writing about everything we did earlier this semester in detail. Just because it didn’t happen this year, doesn’t mean it won’t happen ever. I actually have a feeling that by next year, when we have a better grip on this virus, Waller Creek will still be calling, and it will be louder than ever. And even though I won’t personally be there to listen to its call, others will. So that’s why we’ve written down everything we’ve done, from all the little details that seem trivial to the bigger ones that seem so daunting, so that the people who pick up this project will be able to do all that we did, and more. I might not be there physically to help, but I will be there spiritually. So, this might be the end of my journey with Waller Creek, but it’s far from the end for Waller Creek. As long as it calls, people will listen.

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