Week 8 Update – Raptor Report

The Raptor Team is quickly approaching the end of out prototyping phase and entering the final build. We have come a long way. Here is an update on the class happenings this week.

We were so fortunate to be able to host Zoe Morsette, a theatre artist that masterfully fabricates specialty costumes and props for screen and stage. Some of her brilliant work can be seen in Hamilton, the broadway musical Shrek, 30 Rock, and SNL,  just to name a few. We were so thankful to be able to pick her brain and get her feedback in class.

The skin team continues to cast skin and pattern parts for various areas of the body. They have specifically made progress with skin on the neck underneath the head and have further refined the patterned head shape.

The hands team has found a successful way to control the fingers with a glove/thimble system, and continues to make progress with the cosmetic details. The hands have more dexterity than ever this week.

Performer testing out raptor


The structure has been able to make great strides in moving from skeletal elements to aesthetic ones. This week they had painted silver ribs and tail with design weaves throughout the structure. The foot and leg teams have developed a very successful hinge system that moves with the actor as they step. The foot stays attached the ankle well and no longer pops up as the actor transitions their weight from the heel to the ball of their feet. The knees and ankle have a great natural turn out that echoes the position of our little raptor model. This has been a challenge the past few weeks, so kudos to them for all of the work and creative problem solving they’ve put into this.

The lights team showing off their hard work

The light team continues to refine control of the modules via laptop and
have implemented LED stripes along with the EL wire. They are in talks with the costume designer regarding the aesthetic placement of the wires and are developing a plan to make and place an electric mount in the body.




11/13 Finger Sample

11/20 All skin cast (no paint)


11/13 Add fabric and cosmetic weave structure to hand

11/13 Arm sock

11/13 Start teeth and claws

11/13 Assemble 2 hand prototypes


11/13 Address back corners

11/13 Add rings on tail to assist skin team with dressing

11/13 Assemble 3 harnesses with ribs


11/13 Tackle mounting electric box in body

11/13 Three Raptor System


11/13 Spray effect on eyes


11/13 Shoulder wrap and light source


11/13 Build 3 raptor holders


11/3 Contact performers for measurements

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