You Can’t be a Horned King Without Horns

It’s probably safe to say that the most distinctive feature of the Horned King are the massive horns sprouting out of the top of his head. Without them he’s really just another ghoul. We knew that in order for our version of this iconic character to be unique and eye catching we would have to really create something distinctive. Maddie drew up some concept art for me to work from which I really loved the look of.


















I was already working on several projects involving manipulating 3d scans of animal skulls, so I decided that it would be best to transfer that experience to this project and try and make a pair of 3d printed horns. I wanted the horns to draw inspiration from nature but be distinctly unnatural and demonic. To achieve this effect I decided to take a 3d scan of a pair of mountain goat horns and then transform them into a pair of demon horns. Here is the original goat horn I used, and here is the final product.



I made a video of my process of creating the horns.

First I imported the base horn by entering mesh mode. Then I copied it twice, creating 2 more identical horns. I scaled two of them down to 75% and 60%. After moving them into position I merged all three of them together into a single horn structure. In the actual design process I took much more time to make sure that my placement was exactly how I wanted it, but for this short demo I just moved them into roughly the correct position. Next I wanted to cut off the base to get a flat surface for 3d printing so I used a plane cut to slice off a chunk of the structure. Unfortunately since I was cutting a mesh this left a hollow shell, so I went ahead and used the Make Closed Mesh function to create a flat base for the structure. I wanted to make the demonic horns less perfect and smooth so I went ahead and designed a couple smaller horns from scratch. In this video I imported one of them and then merged into into the structure the same way I fused the larger horns together. For the Left horn I repeated the process, just with a left goat horn to begin with.


I also posted my results to the 3D file sharing site Thingiverse. Now anyone in the world can download and print these horns.

The next step will be to print and paint these horns!