Presentation on The 100 Year Study in AI


Peter Stone

Talk Title: Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030

Date and Location: Thursday March 9, 4:30pm, Maggiano’s, The Domain, Austin

Abstract: The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence, launched in the fall of 2014, is a long-term investigation of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its influences on people, their communities, and society. As its core activity, the Standing Committee that oversees the One Hundred Year Study forms a Study Panel every five years to assess the current state of AI. The first Study Panel report, published in September 2016, focusses on eight domains the panelists considered to be most salient: transportation; service robots; healthcare; education; low-resource communities; public safety and security; employment and workplace; and entertainment. In each of these domains, the report both reflects on progress in the past fifteen years and anticipates developments in the coming fifteen years. The report also includes recommendations concerning AI-related policy. This talk by the Study Panel Chair, will briefly describe the process of creating the report and summarize its contents. The floor will then be opened for questions and discussion Attendees are strongly encouraged to read at least the executive summary, overview, and callouts (in the margins) of the report before the session:

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