About Us

Anechoic Chamber at UT Austin

The Student Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America at The University of Texas at Austin is comprised of students who are studying towards a degree with a specialization or interest in acoustics. Though most of our current membership is graduate students, we welcome undergraduate students to participate in our meetings and events. For meeting times in the current semester, see the For Students page.

Our Vision

As stated in our charter, the student chapter exists to stimulate an interest in acoustics, encourage research, diffuse the knowledge of acoustics, promote its practical applications, and provide a forum wherein the many aspects of acoustics and related disciplines can be examined, discussed, and otherwise explored. We also exist to foster a community of young scientists united by a common interest so that they may continue to network professionally and personally after their time at the University of Texas at Austin.


The ASA student chapter at UT Austin was founded in 2011. Since then, we have worked steadily to increase our membership and become more connected with the UT Austin community. We hope to continue this trend in the coming years.