Why Outreach?

Science outreach attempts to prevent the stagnation of curiosity in younger children and revitalize it in the older generations by giving them hands-on, fun, informative, and playful scientific experiences. One of our most important roles as scientists is to encourage science and science literacy among the population. The student chapter takes that task to heart, and we are always looking for new volunteer outreach opportunities for our students to be involved in.

  • Creating Rubber Band Harmonicas
    Creating Rubber Band Harmonicas
  • Demonstration of Waves on a String
    Demonstration of Waves on a String


Current Outreach Areas

In addition to UT sponsored outreach activities, the student chapter is interested in and capable of outreach to the following areas

  • Undergraduate students and classrooms in engineering and physics.
  • Grades K-12, classrooms or groups.
  • Public events or small group events, like Girl/Boy Scouts and after-school programs.

For all outreach activities, students will work with the teacher/professor/group leader in order to develop an outreach event that fits the necessary time slot, covers appropriate subject matter, and teaches at the right difficultly level. Most of our outreach events involve an interactive component, and usually supplies for these components will be provided by the student chapter.

Student Participation

All students are encouraged to participate in a university sponsored K12 Outreach Training. Students interested in doing outreach with the student chapter are encouraged to attend our general or outreach meetings.

Interested in our Outreach?

If you’re interested in Austin student chapter’s outreach services, please send an email to: