Demo List

Below is a list of the demonstrations the student chapter has available to use for outreach events. Click the link for a video of the demo.

  • Edison Tin Foil Phonograph: Demonstrating audio recording technology from the late 19th century, without using any electrical components.
  • Rubber band Harmonicas: Creating a harmonica/kazoo-like instrument using wooden sticks, rubber bands and pieces of straw. Demonstrates basic function of string/reed instruments.
  • Cup Telephones: Creating a telephone system with two cups and a string. Demonstrates waves traveling down a tight string.
  • Singing Tubes: Flexible plastic tubes that sing when twirled. Demonstrates centripetal force and air tube resonance.
  • Bottle Flutes: Blowing across empty glass bottles and changing their pitch by changing their volume. Demonstrates how a Helmholtz Resonator works.
  • Sympathetic Resonator: Tuning forks attached to hollow wooden boxes. Demonstrates how resonance chambers work, such as the body of an acoustic guitar.
  • Waves on a String: A setup with a tightened string attached to a speaker for a visual demonstration of waves on a string.
  • Chladni Plates: Metal plates are placed on top of a speaker to demonstrate the resonant modes of a metal surface.