Acoustical Ask-Me-Anything with Sam Wallen (ARL-UT)

Friday, October 20 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Join us this Friday when we chat with Sam Wallen. Sam is a new post-doc at ARL-UT working under Dr. Haberman. The Acoustical AMA series allows current students to meet with acoustical professionals in an informal setting and pick their brains concerning all things acoustics and related career paths.

Hope to see you there!


Job Opportunity at CRREL!

Posted: October 20th 2017

Informational Flyer

My lab here in New Hampshire is trying to recruit new researchers.  We have multiple positions open and ready to be filled, but I wanted to advertise one in particular due to the need for a quick turn-around (the project leads are hoping to have someone hired before February).  There is more information on the position in the attached flyer.  While the flyer says they are looking for a permanent position, the project leads are also open to hiring someone as an ORISE scholar.  The salary range is rather large because they are looking for either an M.S. or a Ph.D., but the compensation is competitive. Since I was confused about this when I came, I should point out that the salary range represents starting salaries, not final career salaries.  There is plenty of room for career advancement.

If any students are interested, please contact our branch chief Andrew Niccolai at  His information is also on the flyer.

I really like the work and environment here, and I feel that a UT acoustics education is excellent preparation to fit right in.  There is both basic and applied work here, and the researchers have considerable flexibility on what they want to pursue.  If any students have questions about this position, CRREL, or living in New Hampshire/Vermont (the lab is on the border), I would be happy to answer them.


Michael B. Muhlestein, Ph.D.
Research Physical Scientist

Graduate Skills Seminar: Citation and Reference Management Software

Presenter: Jay Johnson

Friday, October 13th at 3pm,
in ETC 4.150

It is essential to locate and organize references for any research project, large or small. This requires keeping up with relevant publications and remembering what you read. In this talk, I’ll give a few ideas and tips from more experienced graduate students on how to keep up-to-date on literature using alerts and reference management programs. I will also talk about how these programs interface with Word and LaTeX to make citations and bibliographies a lot simpler.

Outreach Meeting, Friday 9/29/17

Friday, September 29 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Hey Everyone,

Join us this Friday for our first outreach meeting of the semester. Matt and Colby will be giving an overview of the outreach events and demos that we have in the Student Chapter as well as discussing plans for our newest demo, the Rubens’ Tube (perhaps even testing it)!

See you Friday!

-Jay, Chair

Graduate Skills Seminar: External Funding and Fellowships

Presenters: New and Old ASA Student Chapter Officers

Friday, September 22 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Come hear past and present officers speak about different funding opportunities available to graduate students in acoustics. External funding is a great way to take control of your graduate career and give you the freedom to pursue the research that interests you most. We will focus on the SMART and NDSEG fellowships but also cover other large fellowships such as the NSF, NPSC, and Hertz.


-Jay, Chair

Acoustics Lab Clean-up 9/15/17

Friday, September 15 at 1 PM in ETC 4.150

Hello Everyone,

In lieu of an official ASA Student Chapter meeting this Friday, we are having a lab clean-up day. Those of us who have recently performed experiments in one of the ETC labs or the anechoic chamber should use this opportunity to organize equipment still in use and clean/put away that which is no longer in use. For everyone else, there is no expectation of you to be around but if you want to lend a hand, anytime between 1–4 PM, we would be happy to see you there. Potential jobs to help with are organizing your space, helping deep clean areas that are not used often, or going through old equipment to see if it still works.

Jay, Chair

P.S. We will still be hosting the weekly post-seminar meeting at the Posse.

Kick Off Meeting, Friday 9/8/17!

ASA Student Chapter General Meeting

Friday, September 8 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Welcome back, everyone! Please join us this Friday when we will discuss our plans for the upcoming semester and introduce the incoming graduate students.

We hope you can make it!

-Jay and John, Chair and Vice-Chair