Dell Technologies Acoustics & Dynamics Tour

Friday, March 15, 3:30pm 

In lieu of a Student Chapter meeting and seminar this week, we are excited to announce the opportunity to tour the Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory at Dell Technologies!

Dell Technologies develops products for applications in a wide variety of customer environments ranging from laptops that are used in homes and quiet offices, to modular servers deployed in unattended data centers. In each of these environments, customers expect a certain level of acoustical experience from our products; Dell Technology Acoustical Engineers are tasked with measuring and delivering to those expectations. Much of that work begins in the Dell Technologies Acoustical and Dynamics Laboratory, consisting of five specially designed hemi-anechoic chambers and a listening room for jury studies.

This seminar will consist of a tour of the Dell Technologies acoustical facilities and a discussion and demonstration of a few metrics and measurement methods Dell Technologies uses to characterize sound quality and performance. Discussion will also include a description of the key acoustical and vibration challenges that exist in the server market today and areas of opportunity for acoustical and vibration innovation.