Outreach Prep Meeting

Friday, February 22 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

This week we continue preparations for upcoming outreach events: Girl Day (this Saturday 2/23) and Explore UT (next Saturday 3/2). We will be organizing and fine tuning our demonstrations for the upcoming weekends.

Final Prep Meeting for Girl Day

A Rubens’ tube demonstration at the physics laboratory at Fachhochschule Dortmund.

Friday, February 23 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Come join us this Friday for the last outreach prep session before Girl Day, which is this Saturday 2/24. We will continue to test/play with the demos that we plan to run this weekend.

Also, a reminder that if you want to volunteer at Girl Day on Saturday, please fill out this Doodle poll: https://doodle.com/poll/dfmyb4ubg7ptp67z#table

See you there!
John, Chair, At-the-moment

Outreach Meeting, Friday 9/29/17

Friday, September 29 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Hey Everyone,

Join us this Friday for our first outreach meeting of the semester. Matt and Colby will be giving an overview of the outreach events and demos that we have in the Student Chapter as well as discussing plans for our newest demo, the Rubens’ Tube (perhaps even testing it)!

See you Friday!

-Jay, Chair