Webinar on New Acoustics Modeling Features in COMSOL® 5.3a

With the release of COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.3a comes many exciting new features and functionality for modeling acoustics phenomena. In an upcoming webinar on January 11, my colleague Mads Herring Jensen, technical product manager for acoustics, will discuss the latest modeling capabilities of the software.

These capabilities include:

– The new boundary element method (BEM) interface and functionality for modeling acoustics
– The simple setup of hybrid BEM-FEM models with built-in multiphysics couplings, such as couplings to structures and FEM acoustic domains
– New impulse response postprocessing for ray tracing
– A new transient pressure acoustics interface based on the dG-FEM method
– Improved stabilization and absorbing layers for the Linearized Euler interface
– Plane wave decomposition for modeling scattering off 2D axisymmetric bodies

We are excited about these new features and look forward to discussing the advancements with you.

To register, visit: http://comsol.com/c/6f74.