Test Bank


Below is a list of courses we have tests for.

BIO 311C LEB 320F ME 318 ME 349 ME 387Q
CC 303 M 340L ME 318P ME 350 PED 103L
CH 320M M 408C ME 324 ME 353 PHY 103M
CH 301 M 408D ME 326 ME 354M PHY 103N
CH 302 M 427J ME 330 ME 355 PHY 303K
CH 610 M 427L ME 333T ME 359 PHY 303L
ECO 304K ME 130L ME 334 ME 360L PSY 301
EM 306 ME 134L ME 335 ME 366J
EM 319 ME 136L ME 336 ME 373K
ENGY TECH ME 139L ME 338 ME 374F
GEO 303 ME 140L ME 339 ME 375K
GOV 312 ME 144L ME 340 ME 378K
HIS 315K ME 314D ME 343 ME 379M
HIS 315L ME 316T ME 344 ME 379 TQM


How to Use:

Come to our office at ETC 2.131 with your UT ID that should have your ASME sticker on the back and show it to an officer inside. Look through the computer on top of the filing cabinets for the tests you want and click print. Easy!

Adding to the Test Bank:

You may hand them to any officer in the office in person or email them to our Academic Affairs Coordinator, Arjun Nagpal, at academicaffairs.utasme@gmail.com. Ensure that your grade, the professor’s name, and the course number is written on the test. If you want your tests back, please let us know when you hand it in.

If you are in an ASME Family, let us know so we can give extra points to the your family!

For each test, quiz, or lab you submit, your name gets entered into a raffle that is drawn at the end of each semester for a $10 voucher to our snack shop! Check out what can be yours here!


How many tests can I print? As many as you want!

Can I access the test bank online? No, please come to our office at ETC 2.131.

How much do we appreciate more test submissions? A LOT.

Does a test I submit have to be ME related? No, we take all subjects and courses.

Does the grade on my test submission matter if I want to submit? Nope! Your test may not end up in the bank, but you still get entered into the raffle.

Contact our Academic Affairs Coordinator, Arjun Nagpal, at academicaffairs.utasme@gmail.com for questions.