Economics & Trade Policy

If They Build It, Who Will Come?

  While much of the world continues to languish in a starting and stopping economic recovery, China’s impressive development and economic growth have proceeded with only the slightest of pauses.  Its 30-year track record and ability to maintain full speed ahead during the recent downturn have only solidified many observers’ opinions that China provides an […]

Global Policy Studies & International Security

The “Little Emperor”

A word of praise is in order for the Nobel Peace Prize committee.  Two weeks ago they awarded the honor to Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese dissident currently serving an 11-year prison term for having the audacity to think that China should afford its citizenry basic human rights and freedoms.  Some say this year’s recipient is […]

Health & Social Policy

Herd Immunity: The United States and Its War For and Against Vaccines

The Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments in a very interesting case concerning health care on Tuesday.  This case has nothing to do with President Obama’s new health care plan, but is nonetheless important.  The case centers on the very specific question of whether a 1986 law establishing a no-fault compensation system for […]