Preparing Public Affairs Graduates to Lead

  Public affairs and public policy graduate programs prepare their students for professional careers in public service. Many graduates eventually become managers or executives; a few of these lead organizations. Yet some programs such as the one at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs do not require core courses in ethics or in […]

Student documentary filmmakers at LBJ focus on issues facing immigrant, Muslim community in Texas

  Graduate students at the LBJ school shot and edited their own mini-documentaries as part of class led by Dr. Paul Stekler, a UT professor and award-winning filmmaker. These 10-minute films focused on a variety of issues including American assumptions about Muslim women; the Dream Act and the individuals it would affect; and how one […]

Why Food Subsidies Can Make You Hungry

2008 has been a tumultuous and expensive year for the American people. At the same time that the average American family is struggling to pay the mortgage, fill the gas tank and put food on the table, some major businesses are getting an unwarranted helping hand from the government. The financial bailout is old news, […]

A Rational Market?

Who noticed when the titans of finance proclaimed absolute mastery over risk? Who stayed up late at night worrying about the outrageous levels of borrowing needed to feed our profit-hungry investment banks? And who noticed when the markets stopped behaving rationally? Markets are supposed to rely on buyers’ and sellers’ complete understanding of the consequences […]

Welcome Online Editors

Last week, 7 Online Editors were named to the LBJ Journal of Public Affairs. Please join me in welcoming our new staff: Akram Al-Turk Erin Boeke Burke Beth Casey Garrett Groves Emily Joiner Dianna Long Sameen Siddiqi Together we hope to bring the Online Edition of the LBJ Journal to new heights during the 2008-2009 […]

Last Call for Global Policy Special Edition

The deadline is fast approaching… Topic areas under consideration include, but aren’t limited to: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development; International Law and Security; Poverty Alleviation and Human Development; or any other topic in the international context. SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY September 19, 2008 Submissions should be between 2,500 and 5,000 words and contain a cover […]

Your Journal Needs YOU!

Last spring U.S. News & World Report released their annual rankings of public policy schools and the LBJ School community was dismayed to discover that we had slipped to number fourteen in a tie with ten other schools. We, the senior editors of the LBJ Journal of Public Affairs, believe that the quality of the […]