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The Democratic Party is Not Working for Democrats

Election Night was a “dumpster fire” for Democrats: the nail-biting presidential race when it should have been a landslide; the statewide losses when they were sure they’d flip seats. How is it that in 2020, the year of the greatest public health crisis of our time and the collapse of our economy, Republicans have secured […]

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Democracy Vouchers Empower Voters, Lessen Big Donor Influence

Out of the 535 members of Congress, only 11 receive a majority of their campaign funds from small donors. Seattle’s 2017 Democracy Vouchers program reversed this trend, resulting in an election where 87 percent of all contributions were from small donors. Moving forward, democracy vouchers provide a promising template for future electoral reforms that look […]

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Kenya’s Re-election Succumbs to Chaos – Now What?

Kenyan electoral politics are in a perilous state. After the Kenyan Supreme Court threw out the results of the most recent presidential elections, a new election was called. In the run-up to the re-election, chaos ensued. Just 15 days prior to the re-election, opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew. Two days before the re-election, the bodyguard […]

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The U.S. Presidential Primary and the Convention

Photo: U.S. News/AP/Reuters/Gary Cameron/Joe Skipper/Jose Luis Magana The American political primary is in full swing, but this is an unusual year. Sen. Marco Rubio is planning for a brokered convention. The media is counting super delegates. Political scientists seem to be losing faith in their carefully built models. What is going on? The answer to that […]

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Why Corbett Lost: A Tale of Two Governors

Of all the political epitaphs written today, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s may well be the easiest: Here lies Tom Corbett. He failed to communicate. Certainly, there are numerous factors that have contributed to Corbett’s impending loss to Democratic challenger Tom Wolf – but perhaps none as important as his failure to communicate a clear and […]

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A Win for Peace in Colombia

On Sunday Colombians reelected President Juan Manuel Santos in one of the nation’s closest elections in decades. Declared a referendum for peace, the election signals public support for the ongoing peace negotiations between the Santos government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as the FARC. The fifty-year armed conflict between the Colombian […]