LBJ School

2013 GPAC Elections

Tomorrow morning promptly at 8:00 AM current GPAC President, Garry Davis, will be sending the LBJ student body a link to vote online in the 2013 GPAC elections. Polls will close on Friday, April 5th at 5:00 PM. This time frame should give LBJ students ample time to decide which candidate to vote for in […]

Summer in the Sahel

At this time last year, all I can remember is the fear and intimidation I felt about finding a summer internship.  The second years and career resources team provided us with encouraging facts like "you'll apply for 50 and hear back from one!" or "if you're not already looking, you're already behind!"  Undergrad was already […]

The LBJ School at 40

The LBJ School has changed almost beyond recognition since the first class graduated in 1972. Back then, students were individually selected and mentored. They came generously funded with full- tuition scholarships and stipends for living expenses. In many cases they were taught by faculty members who had, until recently, been senior members of the Johnson […]

Valuing Diversity in Thought – and in Student Body

  Halfway through my first semester at the LBJ School, I have been impressed with the diversity of interests and strengths of my fellow students. I have felt challenged by my classes and supported by faculty and staff. At the same time, I have been disappointed in the amount of racial and ethnic diversity within […]

Energy & Environmental Policy

Cleaning Our Hands of Dirty Pipelines

  This article was co-written by Marcus Denton, a second year master's candidate at the LBJ School for Public Affairs, studying social and economic policy. President Obama generates controversy with nearly every one of his decisions. But if he gives in on the most important environmental decision in years, we’re all going to feel the […]

Learning to Be Critics

  Three years ago, while contemplating applying for graduate school, I asked an LBJ student about the activist climate at the school. His answer – that there weren’t any “bomb-throwing Marxists” – told me all I needed to know: LBJ was not going to be a hotbed for radical organizing. It turns out he was […]

Preparing Public Affairs Graduates to Lead

  Public affairs and public policy graduate programs prepare their students for professional careers in public service. Many graduates eventually become managers or executives; a few of these lead organizations. Yet some programs such as the one at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs do not require core courses in ethics or in […]

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