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BFSA Exec Board response to the Universities report on the “Eyes of Texas”

    The Executive Committee of the Black Faculty Staff Association is committed to fostering an environment on the UT campus that welcomes and values Black faculty and staff. We understand that as Black leaders on the Forty Acres, we have both the responsibility and privilege to support Black students, create a deep sense of belonging, and to ensure their success on campus and beyond. It is through this lens of fostering and uplifting that we make a statement on the difficult conversations taking place regarding the “Eyes of Texas”.  

    As Black people, we know that American history has been documented and told in ways that erase our experience, our bodies, and in many cases, the truth. We recognize the hard work that the Eyes of Texas Committee conducted to provide the Longhorn community the results of their extensive research. We recognize that the song has different interpretations and for some brings about fond memories of community and school spirit, yet it is also rooted in a racist history. This history must be acknowledged, weighted similarly to that of the report’s findings, and owned as a part of the university’s history. 

    BFSA is an integral part of the campus community. We are leaders, we are scholars, we are advocates and we are activists. Given the university’s stated commitment to improving diversity, equity and inclusion on campus, it is our hope that BFSA will be included in continuing conversations around the recommendations in the report, with the goal of holding the university accountable.   

In solidarity,  

Your BFSA Executive Committee

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TX512 Podcast, BFSA Episode

Congratulations to Dr. Gordan! Edmund T. Gordon is an Associate Professor in the African and African Diaspora Studies Department (AADS) here at the University of Texas at Austin. He has been at UT for over thirty years. During that period, he served as Director of the Center for African and African America Studies, leading the effort to name it after his mentor, Dr. John Warfield. He has been Associate Vice President of DDCE, Vice Provost for Diversity, and founding (former) chair of AADS. He currently serves as UT’s Executive Director of Contextualization and Commemoration Initiatives. Throughout his entire career at this institution and during all of his administrative appointments, has continued to teach undergraduate courses, one of his top priorities.

This FCTF Fellowship of $25,000 is awarded annually and recognizes a faculty member who has attained distinction in undergraduate teaching and who has made a significant contribution to the university beyond their calling. Dr. Gordon has shown exemplary character, work ethic, and commitment to his students and the betterment of the University of Texas at Austin. It is our honor to pronounce Dr. Gordan our 2022 Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship Recipient. 
BFSA celebrated on our Black Changemaker nominees! Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. We loved celebrating the amazing accomplishments of these wonderful campus leaders. You can read what their nominators said about them on our social media linked to their names. In the top left, we celebrated Chelsi Chang. To the top right, we learned about the amazing accomplishments of John L. Hanson. On the bottom right, we learned how integral Brianna McBride has been on UT’s campus. And lastly, on the bottom left, we learned what advancements Binta Brown has implemented on UT’s campus. 

Have a great summer BFSA Fam! It has been our pleasure to serve!

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