Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Sungsoo Kim [he/him/his]
Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Co-supervisor: Alan C. Bovik

Sungsoo joined BMIL in 2017 as a PhD/MD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Yonsei University and the Kora Advanced Institution of Science and Technology. He also holds a Doctor of Medicine from Yonsei University. Sungsoo is currently doing his residency in anesthesiology at UCLA Medical Center. His research focuses on developing novel deep neural network algorithms to estimate the accurate oxygen saturation as SdO2 and improving the accuracy of SdO2 using precision medicine approaches for patient-specific features, including static information (e.g., age, BMI, ethnicity, skin color, genetics) and temporal signals (e.g., hemoglobin, TTE images, blood pressure).

Haoqi Wang [he/his/him]
Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

Haoqi joined BMIL in 2019 as a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering.
He obtained his M.S. in Statistics from UT Austin and B.S. in Physics from Nanjing University. Currently, his research focuses on building tools to support clinical decision-making, especially for breast cancer survivors who want to have breast reconstruction. He has a great interest in applying machine learning algorithms to different fields. Outside of the lab, he enjoys watching movies and traveling.

Tracy Liu [she/her/hers]
Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

Tracy joined the Markey lab in the fall of 2020. She grew up in Taiwan and completed her undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the National Hsing Hua University. She also earned another master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at UT Austin in 2022.  Her broad research interests are using statistics and machine learning methods to help improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients. Her current project is to develop algorithms for the automated knitting of custom surgical bras for breast cancer survivors. Outside of the lab, Tracy enjoys baking, watching series, traveling, and playing video games.

Xiomara Gonzalez [she/her/hers]
Ph.D. Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Xiomara joined BMIL in 2021 as a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She obtained her B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and has interned at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Schlumberger. At UT, her research is at the intersections of multimedia (text, image, video) processing, online information-seeking behavior, sense-making, and clinical decision-making. Her work is focused on leveraging machine learning approaches to develop health information tools that enhance patient-provider communications. She is also passionate about DEI initiatives on campus and is part of the Graduates for Underrepresented Minorities (GUM), as well as a mentor through the Society for Advancing Gender Equity in STEM (SAGES) program at UT. Outside of the lab, she enjoys searching for the best matcha latte in Austin and trying to recreate the karaage chicken from Uchiko.

Gabriela A. Renta Lopez
Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering

Gabriela joined BMIL in 2023 as a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering. She obtained her B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez.

Fadeel Khan [he/him/his]
Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering

Fadeel joined BMIL in Fall 2023 as a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering. He is from Lahore, Pakistan, and completed his B.S. in Bioengineering from Rice University, Houston, TX. He is co-advised by Mia Markey and James Tunnell. His work revolves around utilizing machine learning to build medical technologies that reduce health disparities. His current project uses machine learning to increase access of Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer in underserved populations. Outside of the lab, Fadeel loves to travel and explore different cuisines.

Andrew Fry [he/HIM/his]
Ph.D. Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Andrew graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in electromagnetics from Oklahoma State University in 2021. He grew up in Wichita Falls, TX. Andrew is a 3rd-year electrical engineering Ph.D. student on the bioECE track co-advised by Emily Porter and Mia Markey. His research currently focuses on designing flexible applicators for microwave ablation, but more generally focuses on medical applications of RF/Microwaves. Andrew is also involved on campus as the president of GREECE, which is an organization that hosts companies and social events for graduate electrical engineering students.

Rotation Students

Athena Lopez [she/her/hers]
Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Engineering

Athena Louise Lopez joined BMIL in Fall 2023. Athena obtained her Masters in Biomedical Engineering from UC Irvine and her B.S. in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley.

Affiliated Staff

Henry I. Stuckey, Lab Lackey
Meghan Papszycki, bME Research Coordinator
Technology Resources (TRECS) IT Support

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