Essentials for Developmental Excellence

Essentials for Developmental Excellence is a highly customizable experience designed to support UT staff in meeting their professional developmental goals. This program is intended for employees seeking to:

  • Increase their skills and competencies
  • Grow in their current job
  • Prepare for the future

The Essentials for Developmental Excellence curriculum includes five content areas. Each area encompasses a variety of competencies on which staff may focus. View a list of the competencies and the definitions [opens in a new window/browser tab; UT EID required]

  • Honing your business sense – understanding the business of UT
  • Utilizing Technology – mastering the tools that support our work
  • Getting things done – organizing the work
  • Finding Your Niche & Making the Most of it – claiming your part of the 40 Acres
  • Interacting with People – making connections with your peers, bosses, and clients

You will need to complete 15 experiences to complete your certificate: two in each subject area and five in areas of your choice. You have a variety of options to fufill these requirments.

  • Attend a class, workshop, or webinar. These can be off-campus
  • Read a book or journal, or follow a blog or twitter feed over time
  • Work with a mentor, or serve as a mentor to someone else.
  • Learn on the job through a developmental experience. This is the best way to master new skills!

After each expereince, reflect on what you did, what you learned, and how you applied it through a short online Activity Survey [external site; opens in new browser window/tab]. This certificate requires the submission of a final developmental worksheet to the CareerSmart coordinator. This worksheet may be requested at any time via e-mail (