CMS Hosting Platform

CMS Hosting Platform (CHP) is a cloud-based shared hosting environment specializing in Content Management Systems (CMS) for University of Texas at Austin developers. It offers a set of tools to build, host, and run WordPress and Drupal sites with custom distributions that include university-branded themes, and other custom functionality.

CHP is based on the Pantheon website management platform. Once given access to the service, developers can create sandbox sites using one of the available WordPress or Drupal distributions. Please refer to the Site Owner Responsibilities and tiered pricing model in the Service Level Objectives overview, before making your request.

Current UT faculty and staff can request a developer account to get started building WordPress and Drupal sites. There is no cost for a developer account or any sandbox site that you create.

Key Features

  • Dev, Test, and Live environments for each site, with web-based user interface for syncing content and files between environments
  • Automated deployment tools for managing releases
  • Built-in version control using Git
  • Automated and on-demand backups via site dashboard
  • New Relic Pro Application Performance Management (APM) tool integrated into site dashboard
  • “Multidev” option for creating ad-hoc environments to stage new features in development
  • Team management tools for developers
  • UT Drupal Kit distribution available, including a UT-branded, responsive theme
  • WordPress for Texas distribution available, including a UT-branded, responsive theme
  • EID login compatible; integration assisted by ITS