General information

This study investigates whether exercise may improve certain cognitive abilities in women with and without PTSD.

Who can participate?

You may be eligible for participation if you were assigned female sex at birth and are between the ages of 21-50 years old, have a current diagnosis of PTSD (stemming from physical or sexual assault) or have never had a diagnosis of PTSD, are currently medically healthy, and are able to understand and speak English.

You may NOT participate if you have a history of: assaultive trauma exposure without a diagnosis of PTSD, exercise-induced medical concerns, light headedness or fainting during blood draw, have a serious and unstable medical condition, current substance use disorder, or if you are currently pregnant.

What would my participation involve?

Participation in this study involves 3 total visits: one remote visit and 2 in-person visits to the Health Discovery Building at UT Austin. The remote visit will include a confidential interview with a trained interviewer and questionnaires about trauma and mental health history, mood and behavior. The remaining two in-person visits will occur one week apart. At these visits, participants will complete computer-based cognitive tasks, exercise on a stationary cycle for 30 minutes, and have two blood draws.

Participants can earn up to $150 over multiple visits for involvement in this study.