Sidebar: Related Content, Cross-Promote, Add Value

On most of our websites is an area where you can place additional or subsidiary content that is not in the body of the page. On large displays it’s usually a right or left sidebar column area but could also be below or otherwise positioned, depending on the design and the display being used by the visitor.

Two ways to create

  1. In-page Sidebar Content field – The In-Page Sidebar Content field is available on most content types. Fill in this field with single-use content related to the page you are building.
  2. Reusable Sidebar Content Type – This is a separate content creation form that you must fill out first. Then when you’re editing other pages you’ll be able to select it. Reuse the sidebar on as many pages as you need.
    Reusable Priority & Branding Sidebars  – On some of our websites, you will have the choice to signify the reusable sidebar content as Priority & Branding.

    • If it is Priority & Branding it will display on all devices in a more prominent position. On small screens it will display above page content.
    • If it is not Priority & Branding then it will display below page content on small screens and you will have the option to not display it on small screens by checking the box next to “Check if you do NOT want to display the in-page sidebar on small devices.”.

Types of Content

  • Related Content – It could be a link to a related news item or profile for a person referenced in the body of the page, an associated PDF or something highly relevant. Generally, entered in the In-page Sidebar field.
  • Priority – Content that needs to be near the top of the page and may not make sense at the bottom.
  • Branding – If several pages on a website are related, adding the same information on each page could help unify the content. For example a logo.
  • Cross-Promotion & Added Value –  Consider yourself a concierge for the visitor. Is there something else your visitor might like? Help them find the unexpected.

Illustration showing large screen and small screen layout of sidebar regions

All website designs are different. The above example shows one possible handling of sidebars on different screen sizes.

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