QuickSites Menu & Custom URL Options

Add to Menu

After finalizing your Fields & Widgets and laying out your and publishing your page you may want to add your page to a menu. To do this select Menu Settings tab.

In the Menu Settings area check the Provide a Menu Link box to reveal your menu options. Use the Menu link title box to set the page title to be displayed in the menu.

The Parent Setting dropdown you can set your page as the child of another menu item.  To set your page as a child select the Parent Item you’d like your page link to appear under. If you’d like your page to be a parent item select <Main menu> under the dropdown.

In these settings you can also set the Weight of your menu item, this setting decides where in the numerical menu order your menu item will appear (e.g., The first parent item or first child will have a weight of zero, followed by one, two, etc.).

Custom URL

Quicksites will automatically generate a URL path from your page’s title. You can override this automated path feature in the URL path settings tab. Custom URL paths (referred to as an alias) are useful when transferring content from an old site and you want to match the existing page address. You may also want to match the URL path of a parent page, for easier discovery.

To set a custom URL path select the URL path settings tab and reveal the custom URL settings by un-checking, the Generate automatic URL alias box.


Enter your custom path in the URL alias box. You need to use what is known as a relative path for this to work.  For example, to set the alias for the URL path:


You only need to enter the last part of the URL after, https://utmesoamerica.org/

Notice how the alias starts with the first term in the path and doesn’t include the opening back-slash. This is the proper syntax for a relative pathcasa/study-abroad-guatemala