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Our mission is to have business leaders, arts professionals, educators and others work together to educate governments, the public and the media to the need for return- ing Arts to the national curricula. China and others have determined, as we must, that STEAM education is a national priority issue.

Together we can demonstrate that Arts is a necessary adjunct to STEM “by connecting the dots” for all constituents –

  • Arts education is a key to creativity, and
  • Creativity is an essential component of, and spurs innovation, and
  • Innovation is, agreed to be necessary to create new industries in the future, and
  • New industries, with their jobs, are the basis of our future economic wellbeing.

A win-win situation – low cost – job growth and insuring the future

If we do not connect these dots Arts education will continue to be virtually extinct in our schools – and the US’s economic future will be damaged.