CARE info for Moody Students

Any student is welcome to drop-by during this time to get support, help with problem-solving, or discuss scheduling an appointment. I’m also available for consultation.
–          CMA 4.134
–          1-2p
–          M, W
–          Students can also attend office hours at DFA 1.204B (T, F 1-2p)

If you are in need of crisis consultation, please try to get in touch and I will help you if I’m available.  You may also:
–          Call 512.475.6914 to reach a different member of the CARE team (M-F 8-5p).
–          Walk to the Counseling and Mental Health Center (5th floor, SSB | M-F 8-5p) or call 512.471.3515 to reach a licensed counselor who can consult with you.
–          After hours: Call UTPD (911) or the CMHC Crisis Line 24/7 (512.471.2255)

–          UT Crisis Line 24/7: 512.471.2255
–          Counseling and Mental Health Center (5th floor, SSB): 512.471.3515 |
–          Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL): 512.232.5050 |
–          Student Emergency Services: 512.471.5017 |
–          Employee Assistance Program: 512.471.3366 |