Amy Pierce, MHPS, PSS, ALF


Amy Pierce, MHPS, PSS, ALF
Peer Services Implementation Field Laison
Via Hope-Mental Health Resources of Texas

Presentation: Navigation of Healthcare System: A Patient and Peer Recovery Specialist Perspective

Amy has been working in the Peer Movement in the State of Texas for almost two decades. She most recently was the C.E.O of Resiliency Unleashed an international training and consulting company focusing on the development and implementation of peer services. She has extensive experience in the peer support sector. She previously started the first peer support program in the state hospitals in Texas, was a peer support worker in a community mental health agency and was also the Program Coordinator for a transitional peer residential housing project funded through the 1115 waiver program. Amy is a peer, and family member, with both mental health and addictions experience. She is a certified peer specialist facilitator, Advanced Level Wrap facilitator, ASIST trainer, WHAM facilitator. Amy was previously Chair of the PAIMI Council in Texas and on the US National Disability Rights Board. Amy is a lover of life and all that is possible for human beings.

Disclosure: Amy Pierce has no relevant financial relationship(s), potential or perceived, with commercial or conflicts of interest to disclose.