CFP: Women and Food

Abstracts due by May 20

We would like to invite you to submit proposals for articles to appear in a new edited volume on late Soviet Women’s culture (1960s to the present).

Originally the volume was planned as “Women and Food,” with late Soviet women’s identity as related to food. Very quickly, however, it became clear that one cannot write about women without also writing about men and their relationship with food, as much as one cannot write about private life in the former Soviet Union without writing about public life and the government’s efforts to regulate both.

This volume will be predicated on paradigms from everyday studies as well as cultural studies encompassing both quotidian and holiday rituals and practices. However, essays from any field are welcome, including but not limited to:  literary studies, children’s literature, film studies, cultural studies, history, sociology, anthropology, ethnography, food studies, art history, journalism, and social media.

Gender and food topics might be explored in published Soviet cookbooks, literary texts, art, advertisements, pop-culture, film, cartoons, women’s and other journals, on the radio and TV, as well as on the web.

Topics for exploration can include: everyday food and gender roles, holiday food and gender roles; gender, official and private foodways; gender and deficit; personal and published cookbooks or women’s journals; Soviet foodways in publications and in everyday life; gender, food and family/children; gender, food and intelligentsia; officially constructed and privately fostered gender roles as related to food and family; gender, food and consumerism; family history preservation through family food and traditions; women, food and medicine/health/nutrition; gendered space and operations of everyday life related to food and cooking, gender and production of food; food, gender, social fabric and networks; gender and food subcultures.

Please submit a 500 word proposal indicating the topic, the approach, and tentative bibliography. Please also create a 100 word abstract with a working title for submission to the publishers and a 100 word author’s biography. Indiana University Press has expressed interest in a formal proposal.

–          Please send abstracts by May 20
–          Authors are notified of acceptance by June 15
–          Authors submit full articles (6K-8K words) by end of July

Abstracts and proposals should be sent to:
Anastasia Lakhtikova and
Angela Brintlinger

Queries should be sent to: Anastasia Lakhtikova