Academic Prog.: Central Asian Studies

Central Asian Studies Program

Central Asian Studies is an innovative program preparing students for international careers. Based in the fascinating and historically significant region of Central Asia, this program combines intensive language study with courses on regional history and the specific countries and major cultures of this diverse area. A month of home stay, an extensive cultural program and educational travel to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan are included to give a deeper understanding of what locals think and how they live. Stay for an optional second semester for continued Russian language study and an internship or to complete a research project (see below).

Central Asian Studies is for adventurous students looking to understand a militarily and economically vital part of the world where Islam and Christianity, as well as Russian, Western, Chinese, and local interests mix and sometimes collide. You’ll gain a wider, fuller, first-hand perspective on geopolitics and foreign relations for your future in government, business, or academia.


– Dates and Costs –

Semester: Cost: $10,950*
Spring: Jan 25 – May 13, 2016 (Apply by Oct 15, 2015)
Fall: Aug 29 – Dec 18, 2016 (Apply by May 15, 2016)

Full Year: Cost: $17,750*
Aug 29, 2015 – May 13, 2016 (Apply by May 15, 2016)

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