CFP: 2015 Texas Asia Conference (UT Austin)

Deadline:  July 21, 2015

The 2015 Texas Asia Conference is a biennial graduate student conference hosted to bring together young scholars, from any disciplinary background, who focus on some aspect of Asia.

Beyond the Spectacular and Mundane

As researchers engaged with various aspects and regions of Asia, how do we approach questions of scale? How do we draw boundaries around our research subjects: texts, people, languages, histories, etc.? How can we avoid the division of our subject along easy disciplinary lines? How do we measure the scale of what we are looking at—how far out must we extend our knowledge beyond our research focus in order for the boundaries of that focus to be meaningfully drawn? When what is local and specific is in a dynamic and entangled relationship with what is global and transnational, how do we choose to zoom in or out? How do we become attuned to the infra-ordinary? How do we grasp the affects and effects of the everyday that are neither ordinary nor spectacular? These are some of the broad concerns that we would like the papers at this conference to address in their own ways. 

We welcome submissions addressing a broad range of topics, including but not limited to the following :

  • Scale
    • local, global, regional;
    • national, international, transnational
    • ordinary, infra-ordinary, spectacular
  • Language, language ideology, linguistics
  • Literature — texts, rhetorics, interpretation, translation
  • Culture, technology, society, politics, biopolitics
  • Histories, herstories, new readings
  • Gender and sexuality — identity, performativity, activism, politics
  • Space, spatiality, affect
  • Film, television, social media

Deadline for abstract submissions: 21 July 2015

Word limit: 250 words

See the CFP here:  TexasAsiaConf-CallforPapers

Abstract must include the following: title, author(s), affiliation(s), email address for contact. Please send the abstract​ to