Internship: SRAS Internships Abroad

Internships Abroad
in Russia, Ukraine, or Kyrgyzstan
Translation, Journalism, Business, NGOs, Think Tanks, and More

Eurasia is a challenging place to work. This is why many foreigners choose to work here. Having these locations on your resume is a good way to invite conversation from a potential employer. It shows that you are able to work with people from different cultures who speak different languages. You are able to work with bureaucratic and personal challenges. You are able to work far from home, forming your own support groups, and still get the job done. You are, in short, exactly the sort of self-starting, adventurous, and flexible candidate that can actively contribute to any organization.

Business students especially should know that time abroad can make you more confident, creative, and flexible. Journalism students should not be surprised that many award-winning western reporters got their start covering Russia and Eastern Europe. Students interested in cultural and social work will find no end of opportunities in Eurasia’s diverse, educated, but often troubled societies. Translation students should consider time abroad mandatory – knowledge of the local culture, history, and current use of the language in conversation are just as important to their craft as an impeccable knowledge of grammar.

SRAS combines internships with intensive language study, giving you an added edge. For those with sufficiently advanced language skills, lessons can be tailored to your professional field. Each internship is individually placed based on the student’s professional goals and internship availability.

SRAS invites you abroad to expand your world view, gain experience, and join the growing ranks of today’s global professionals. 

– Dates and Costs –

Semester: Cost: $9,995*  
Fall: Sep 5 – Dec 16, 2015  (Apply by May 15, 2016)
Spring: Feb 1 – May 21, 2016  (Apply by Oct 31, 2015)

Summer: Cost $7 295*
Dates: May 30 – Aug 8, 2016  (Apply by: March 15, 2016)

Name your own dates! (Apply three months in advance)
Minimum two month commitment
First two months: $6 395*
Each additional week: $545

– Curriculum –

Required Courses:

Russian Language Study  (RUS-100/200/300/400)
Courses offered at six different levels, from beginning to advanced. For more information see SRAS’s suggested syllabi for beginning (100), intermediate (200), and advanced (300).
Academic Hours:  Fall, Spring: 180*  Summer: 120*

Culture Lab (RUS-101) 
Excursions, seminars, and other out-of-the-classroom experiences at locations of historical, cultural, or other interest.Syllabi now available for: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bishkek, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, and Kiev.

Core Electives (Choose One):

NGO Internship (POL/SOC 401)
Students spend a minimum of 20 hours per week working for a local NGO or think tank. Students may be asked to research, write, translate, or network depending on the student’s abilities and/or the needs of the institution. Students seeking credit for the internship must submit biweekly journal entries and complete a 12-15 page paper on a specific issue affecting the geographic area of study.

Museum or Theater Internship (THEA/MUSE 401)
Students may be responsible for maintaining and updating web pages, updating and translation of exhibit notes, programs, and other marketing or fundraising materials. Theatre internships will not include acting or directing – but may include any of the tasks above and possibly leading voice and pronunciation classes in English. Students seeking credit must submit biweekly journal entries and complete a 12-15 page paper on a specific issue affecting museums or theatres in the geographic area of study.

Journalism Internship (JOUR 401)
Students spend a minimum of 20 hours per week working for a local English-language paper to research, write, and publish articles. Students may also work at transcribing interviews and generally assisting management and staff in the daily production of the publication. Students seeking credit must submit biweekly journal entries and, at the end of their program, a portfolio of published articles.

Translation Internship (RUS 401)
Students will translate approx. 30,000 characters per month as part of an intensive internship. All translations are from Russian to English and cover a range of subjects as needed by the internship host. Students may be additionally asked to proofread or edit text in English translated from Russian or written in English by Russians. Students seeking credit must submit biweekly journal entries as well as, at the end of thier program, a portfolio of material representative of their work while abroad. The journal entries should include include new words and structures learned with translations as well as professional challenges faced in carrying out the translation internship.

Business Internship (BUS/ECON 401)
Students choose between two categories: 1) Sales and Marketing and 2) Finance and Operations (see below for details and requirements). Specific placements within these categories depend on current availability. Actual duties and hours may vary according to the needs of the host company. Students seeking credit must submit biweekly journal entries and complete a 12-15 page paper discussing what they have learned about the language, culture, history, economy, society, and/or politics of the host country through the internship.


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