Travel: Tao-Klarjeti Cultural Tour (Georgia)

Dates: June 17-28, 2016

Back by popular demand, this extraordinary and unique itinerary to the ruined cathedrals of Tao-Klarjeti promises to be even more successful than our 2014 pilot tour to the region.

Starting in Batumi, Georgia, we cross into Turkey, traverse the canyonlands of the Chorokh river watershed, ascend the eastern Anatolian plateau to the ancient Armenian city of Ani, then cross into southern Georgia to visit the cave city of Vardzia before returning through the temporate rainforests of Adjaria to the Black Sea coast. See the tour page for details and registration.

Map of the Tour Route:

With a decade of experience leading tours in the Caucasus, we aim to provide unique cultural experiences for our guests with the best possible comfort. Our guides do not recite guidebook entries, but rather fascilitate interaction with local Georgians, enliven sacred spaces with three-part traditional chanting, and lend nuance to discussions on local history, politics, and cultural preservation through extensive personal and professional engagement with the cultures of the Caucasus.

Join us for a unique tour exploring the magnificent cathedral ruins and castles of the once glorious Tao-Klarjeti Kingdom, a precursor to unified Georgia that existed in the 8-11th centuries. 

Important Details:

Dates: June 17-28, 2016 (11 night itinerary)
Tour Fees and Registration: To reserve your space on this tour, contact John A. Graham using the information below.
Itinerary: We will begin and end our 12-day itinerary in Batumi, Georgia with an optional 3-day extension to Tbilisi, Georgia. The itinerary features visits to the sites pictured left, including the fortress city of Artanuji, the cathedrals of Oshki, Bana, and Okhta, the ruined Armenian-Georgian capital of Ani, and the 12th c. cave city of Vardzia. Detailed itinerary available by request.
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