CFP: The Birch Journal Publication (Columbia University)

Deadline: January 15, 2016

The Birch Journal, run by Columbia University undergraduates, is the first national undergraduate journal dedicated to Eastern European, Eurasian, and Slavic studies. We invite undergraduates to submit their essays, creative writing, artwork, and photography
to be published both in print and online in our upcoming Spring 2016 edition. We publish works concerning the culture, history, and politics of the region, as well as literary criticism, creative works (short stories, memoirs, poems, translations), and artwork or photography. We encourage you to submit work that you have written for a class in the field of interest, and to get your submissions in early.

Guidelines for Submission:

Please be aware that accepted pieces (especially academic essays) will be subject to an editing process that involves two stages of rigorous revision with one of our editors. Thus, choosing to submit work to The Birch also implies your commitment to revising and corresponding regularly with an editor this spring as we prepare the work for publication.
To submit please click here!

Academic Essays:
The Birch is a forum for undergraduates to publish scholarly essays. These can be adapted from original research projects from classes or theses.
  • Limit your submissions to no more than two essays
  • Each essay no more than 4000 words (not including footnotes)
  • Citations should be done in Chicago style (notes and bibliography)
When submitting your essay, please indicate what section of the journal you are submitting to:
  • Culture: essays on popular culture, the arts, etc.
  • Politics and Society: essays on current events, history, economics, and religion
  • Literary Criticism: essays on literature or philosophy
Art & Photography:
This section is a forum for students to publish visual art of any medium including photography, drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, illustration, and political cartoons.
  • Limit your submissions to no more than five images
  • Include a brief 2-3 sentence description for each image

The description could give context for the work’s creation, describe its key themes, and/or describe how the piece is related to the region’s history or artistic traditions.

Creative Writing:
his section is a forum for students to publish poems, short stories, excerpts from novels, creative non-fiction pieces, memoirs, and poems.
  • Limit your submissions to no more than two prose pieces
  • Each prose no more than 4,000 words long or three poems

Examples of submissions we have published in the past have included personal essays about experiences living or traveling in the region, poetry inspired by a favorite Russian poet, and a short story influenced by thematic elements relevant to the region.

This section is a forum for students to publish translations of poetry and prose.
  • Limit your submissions to no more than three pieces
  • Each piece no more than 2000 words long
  • Translations should be between English and a language spoken in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia (either to or from the language)
  • Because our publication will include both versions on opposing sides, when submitting translations, please also include the original piece and a citation for it.

For more information about the journal please visit here!