Fellowship: McWilliams Scholarship for Russian Studies (Russia)

Deadline: February 29, 2016

The Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies is offering competitive scholarships ranging from $1,000-3,000 to be used for the study of Russian language and culture, professional development or research related to Russia or the former Soviet Union in any field. Travel may take place during summer or the academic year.

These funds must be used to cover travel, housing, tuition or other related costs while abroad. Funds may be used for:
  • Studying Russian language abroad (summer programs must be at least 5 weeks)
  • Conducting research in Russia/the former Soviet Union (with an explanation of your research project, objectives, sources, etc)
  • Professional development activities (internship, presenting at a conference, job interview, etc)
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Undergraduate or graduate status in any discipline at UT-Austin and in good academic standing
  • May NOT be combined with other significant grant/scholarship funds (ie. can not also be a FLAS recipient)
  • Recipient must agree to write a short article to be published in area newsletters and online describing their experience in Russia/former Soviet Union
  • Recipient must attend the CREEES Awards Ceremony in early May to accept the award

Application Process:
  • The application form available for download HERE
  • A one-page essay (500 words or less) which should have your full name, EID and “McWilliams Scholarship Essay” at the top of the page. The essay should outline your objectives for studying Russian, professional development or research in country, and how your travel will further your academic and/or career goals
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member or supervisor that speaks to your interest in Russia/the former Soviet Union and/or your language proficiency. Recommendation writers should submit letters directly to creees@austin.utexas.edu with “McWilliams Scholarship Letter for Applicant Name” in the subject line

Save your application files as a PDF and name them “LastName-Application.pdf” and “LastName-Essay.pdf”, then upload the application files using the UTBox widget. You should receive email notification that your files were submitted successfully!

For more information or concerns, please contact: Agnes Sekowski:
Office: Burdine 440
E-mail: agnes.sekowski@utexas.edu
Telephone: (512) 232-9123