Scholarship: Funding for Russian Language Summer School (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

Deadline for Applications: June 1, 2016 (for non-EU citizens); June 15, 2016 (for EU citizens)

The Russian Language Summer School Program includes 20 academic hours per week and the following lectures include lectures (taught in English or Russian):

– Some Facts in Russian history
– Russian Mindset
– Russian Traditions or Russian Holidays
– Russian System of the Government or  Family in Russia
– Business in Russia
– Some Aspects of Russian Orthodox Church

The course is suitable for students of all levels of competence in the Russian language, from complete beginners with very little or no previous knowledge of Russian to advanced students.
Programme will be of interest to students who want to learn about Russian culture, society and history.

At the Summer School you will not only be able to learn Russian, but also become acquainted with the diverse and fascinating Russian culture! During our classes you will learn a live, modern foreign language and many other new and exciting things.

The classes are conducted by highly-qualified trainers. All of whom are Lobachevsky University graduates and outstanding specialists not only in Philology, but also in Psychology and Culture Studies. Together with your teachers you will set off to a breath-taking journey into the unexplored and beautiful Russia whilst being able to make friends with students from different countries of the world.

Students seeking financial aid may apply for a Russian state scholarship, which may result in a 100% reduction in course fees. To be eligible for the scholarship you must first apply to the Summer School. Please find more information about scholarship here.

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