Internship: Internship in Moscow (Higher School of Economics)

Deadline for Applications: September 20, 2016


The Faculty of Economics Sciences at Higher School of Economics (HSE) is proud to begin receiving applications for semester-long unpaid internships during Fall 2016. UT undergraduate students in their junior and senior years as well as recent graduates are invited to apply.


We can accommodate various backgrounds and academic and professional interests. We would like to find motivated interns who are ready to work to accomplish certain tasks while changing the environment around them. We need people with excellent work ethics, who are creative and hard-working, and who can inspire people around them with their innovative attitude and performance, bringing U.S. service standards to the Russian environment.

The qualities we are looking for are:

  • Interpersonal skills, including patience, motivation, clarity of reasoning and excellent English communication skills
  • Ability to write and edit in English
  • Strong commitment to professional behavior and ability to handle Moscow’s fast paced environment
  • Genuine interest in helping others

The most successful candidate will possess outstanding writing and communication skills in English. No prior knowledge of Russian is required, but an interest in learning Russian is a must.


Each intern may take from one to four classes in the HSE/NES joint undergraduate program. Up to two of the four classes can be taken from other departments and programs of HSE. Students who receive a travel stipend from CREEES to participate in this internship must be willing to attend the Awards Ceremony on the last class day of the Spring semester to thank the donors who made their award possible.

Some parts of the job will be constant and others will be less predictable. A lot depends on the intern’s own motivation, background and time management abilities. An intern might be asked to spend several hours per week consulting with students about their writing or helping them improve their conversational English, while at the same time there may be new tasks every day. The intern’s duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • International exchange office promotion and marketing
  • English editor and writer (various fields)
  • Promotion and marketing of the internship and student exchange programs – concept, printed materials, video, interviews, communications
  • Faculty assistant
  • BA student counselor (for students applying abroad, helping to write personal statements, etc.)
  • Consulting in the Writing Center
  • English department assistant

You can read about past intern experiences here; and on HSE’s website. Read an interview with a CREEES alumna of the program on the HSE website.


As an internationally-oriented program, we provide the friendliest and most productive atmosphere possible for someone who wishes to study Russian, spend time in Moscow and learn more about Russia.

The following benefits are provided to each intern:

  • $1,000 travel stipend from the McWilliams Endowment for Excellence
  • Student visa invitation letter
  • Accommodation in one of HSE’s dorms in a shared room for only $20 a month!
  • Free enrollment in a course of Russian language
  • Free enrollment in courses in the HSE/NES joint undergraduate program
  • Participation in all events open to HSE students

The intern must cover the following costs him or herself:

  • Visa and visa-related costs (including HIV test, photos, travel insurance, etc.)
  • Food and entertainment in Moscow
  • Airfare and transfers to and from the airport both in the U.S. and in Moscow (which are about $10)

For more information, and to apply, click here.