Funding Opportunity: Visiting Member Fellowships (IAS School of Social Science)

Deadline for Applications: November 1, 2016

Title: Visiting Member Fellowships
Sponsor: Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) School of Social Science
Amount: $70,000

Description: Founded in 1973, the School of Social Science takes as its mission the analysis of contemporary societies and social change. It is devoted to a pluralistic and critical approach to social research, from a multidisciplinary and international perspective. Each year, the School invites between 20 and 25 visiting scholars with various perspectives, methods and topics, providing a space for intellectual debate and mutual enrichment. Scholars are drawn from a wide range of fields, notably political theory, economics, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, and literature. Members pursue their own research, and participate in collective activities, including a weekly seminar at which on-going work is presented. To facilitate scientific engagement among the visiting scholars, the School defines a theme for each year. Approximately one half of Members selected pursue work related to it and contribute to a corresponding seminar, while the other half conduct their research on other topics. The theme for 2017–2018 is “The Social Sciences in a Changing World.” 

How to Apply: Apply directly to the sponsor by November 1. See the grant announcement for a complete list of materials to be submitted with the application.

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