Professional Development: Webinar “Global Professionals” (ACTR)

Register by: October 6, 2016

What is a “global professional?” Preparing Culturally and Linguistically Competent U.S. Graduates for the Global Economy.

Led by Dan E. Davidson, President, American Councils for International Education; Professor of Russian and SLA, Bryn Mawr College

Thursday, October 6, 4pm

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This webinar will provide foreign language teachers and administrators with powerful rationales for studying abroad in the target language, by focusing on the skill sets that global businesses, government, and our own increasingly diverse society are requiring from those they are hiring in 2016 and in the future.

Drawing on relevant research of current expectations of the workforce from the US and foreign governments, OECD, Microsoft, the Michigan State survey of 1000 US corporations, and the Harvard Business School, Dr. Davidson will discuss the importance of knowing a foreign language in connection with the intercultural skills associated with serious study abroad experience (linguistic and cultural acuity, contextual “intelligence,” ability to work in international teams, to build and maintain cross-cultural relationships, to mediate conflict, etc.).  Dr. Davidson will also address the state of affairs concerning study abroad in Russia and will provide an overview of programs available to students and scholars of Russian.

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