Study Abroad: Spring 2017 SRAS Programs (Eurasia)

Deadline for Applications: October 15, 2016

The Spring, 2017 application cycle for SRAS programs abroad in Eurasia is still open.

Students can study abroad in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, or Kyrgyzstan in a range of programs covering subjects related to the location (e.g. Conflict Resolution, Security Studies, Central Asian Studies, Art, Diplomacy, Environmental History, etc.). Internships are also available, with particularly wide opportunities in Warsaw and Kyiv. Deadlines and start dates vary by program.

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The School of Russian and Asian Studies is an organization committed to encouraging the study of any subject related to Russia, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus since 1996. SRAS offers a wide array of study abroad programs formulated for credit transfer to American institutions. SRAS also specializes in facilitating faculty-led programs abroad and in assisting travel abroad for academic researchers. SRAS also develops free resources for language learning, language advocacy, and funding and distributes them for free via its websites. Find out more at