Conference: Ninth International Virtual Forum for Slavists (Batumi, Georgia)

Dates of Forum: June 23-28, 2017


Georgia, Batumi State University  Shota RUSTAVELISlovakia, Presov, University of Prešov
Italy, Bologna, University of Bologna
Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto Sangyo University
USA, Vermont, Middlebury College
IX International Forum in the real and virtual mode
(23 June – 28 June 2017)

Information / Information

«GEO-CULTURAL SPACE: SMART-TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION AND SOCIAL Enviroment » International Coordinating Council c participation of universities in different countries (USA, Armenia, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan) continues the project “Creating a virtual educational and scientific space of the intellectual community.” Another IX International Virtual Forum – Batumi 2017 “geo-cultural space: Smart Technologies in Education and Society” will be held in Batumi State University.Shota Rustaveli.Forum will be held June 23 – June 28, 2017. 

In connection with the increasing cooperation of representatives of many cultures in various fields of science and education, there is a need to unite their efforts to discuss the existing problems and the implementation of joint projects. Interest in the forum extends to the geographic potential of each year, the combined efforts of the intellectual community, helping to further improve the interdisciplinary relations and research in methods of teaching the native and foreign languages and literature, conducting adaptive courses in intercultural communication, and others. Of particular interest is the study of languages in connection with the intense international migration and adaptation problems, attempt to training and education bilingual person capable of communication in a multicultural environment. 

The purpose of the forum: to combine linguists, methodologists, cultural studies, literary scholars and teachers from different countries to identify and comprehensive analysis of current issues in the humanitarian activities of national societies, finding ways to enhance the effectiveness of international cooperation, a culture of communication in real and virtual formats, integration of research and teaching building professionals through the creation of innovative cross-cultural educational and scientific environment. 

Research fields:

  1. Literary Horizons.
  2. Innovations in philological science.
  3. The increasing role of bilingualism in modern society: bilingual education.
  4. Translation and Intercultural Communication.
  5. Foreign languages and methods of teaching them. Intercultural Aspects of pedagogical activity.
  6. Social and cultural issues of international migration and demography.
  7. Information technology and smart technologies in education. e-Learning Methodology.Multimedia. 

The official languages of the Forum: English, Russian, Georgian.

The Forum will take place in the mode of the ADOBE the CONNECT the PRO MEETING and a Skype virtual participants. 

Forum is planning to hold 7 discussion platforms connecting computer equipment, during which will be discussed innovative areas of theory and practice of training, cross-cultural adaptation and migration issues, bilingual education and translation, smart technology, philological and literary problems. Intensive work will be carried out: at every discussion platform being discussed under the leadership of co-chairs, together with the participants of the forum of the leading teachers of universities, connecting virtual participants. At the end of the discussion forum will be summed up at each site, put forward innovative proposals for discussion in subsequent forums.

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