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Job: Language Training Supervisor (Dept. of State)

We wanted to alert you to an upcoming Language Training Supervisor opportunity in the Slavic, Pashto and Persian Languages (SPP) Division within the School of Language Studies (SLS). Successful candidates will manage several (non-Russian) Slavic language programs.

Using your professional linguistic skills, you will manage and direct a long term training program; recruit, train and develop Language and Culture Instructors; and monitor language training program(s) to bring students to high levels of language proficiency. In addition, you will design new courses or make extensive revisions to existing ones. You must pass certifications to administer and score official proficiency tests. In our inclusive workplace, you must be adept at managing political, cultural and religious differences among your colleagues and students.  Continue reading

Job: Eurasia Program Officer (Washington, D.C.)


Program Officer – Eurasia

Location:  Washington, DC

Freedom House promotes the spread of freedom and democracy around the world through research, advocacy, and programs that support frontline activists.  We are a leader in identifying threats to freedom through our highly regarded analytic reports, including Freedom in the World, Freedom of the Press, Freedom on the Net, and Nations in Transit.  With 13 field offices and two U.S. offices, we support the right of every individual to be free.


The Program Officer on the Eurasia team will work primarily on our Central Asia programs, with a particular emphasis on Kyrgyzstan, in collaboration with other members of team and the field office, to include design through implementation, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, fundraising, advocacy, outreach, administration, and backstopping.  This position will be based in Washington, DC and reports to the Regional Director for Eurasia Programs.

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CFP: Central Asia Program (Oct. 15-18, 2015 – George Washington U.)

DEADLINE: March 1, 2015

The Central Asia Program is happy to announce that the 16th Annual Meeting of the Central Eurasian Studies Society will be held at George Washington University in Washington DC, October 15-18th, 2015. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2015.

Details on the Call For Papers can be found here: Central Asia Program

The conference program will include paper presentations, roundtable forums, keynote speeches and vendor exhibitions. This event is the largest annual gathering of scholars working in Central Eurasian Studies; the program will include an estimated 350 panelists, and we expect that the number of people attending the conference will exceed 500. The conference will feature about 60 panels on topics covering all aspects of the politics, history, culture, and society of the Central Eurasian region, extending from the Caucasus, Iran, and the Volga Basin (Russia) to Tibet, western China, Mongolia, and Siberia, including all of Central and Inner Asia. Continue reading

Prof Dev: Graduate Students Career Transitions Group

Graduate Students Career Transitions Group

This workshop series is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and
information you need to move forward with your non-academic career plans. Join
us for one or all of these workshops offered once a month at Liberal Arts
Career Services (FAC 18). The series is open to all disciplines and coffee and
bagels are provided.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
9:00-10:00 a.m.

Hone in on the most marketable skills you’ve acquired while earning your
graduate degree. Learn how to promote your research, teaching and critical
thinking skills outside of academia. RSVP here:

Discussion topics include:
•       Crafting an elevator pitch for your career search or your career goals
•       Reframing academic work into results-oriented corporate language
•       Educating non-academics on the value of a graduate degree
•       Demonstrating the significance of academic research on societal and
corporate issues  Continue reading

Travel: Summer Cultural Studies in Central and Eastern Europe

DEADLINE: March 2, 2015


The Helix Project offers undergraduate and graduate students the rare opportunity to explore the history of Central and Eastern Europe through the interdisciplinary lens of Jewish culture. Over three weeks of travel through Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland, the Helix Project traverses the historical heartlands of a millennium of Jewish life in Europe.

Breaking down barriers between past and present, students are immersed in everyday cultural life of this fascinating region. The Helix Project gives unique insight into the pre- and post-Soviet borderlands of the historical Pale of Settlement, while gaining new understanding of the complex multi-cultural, multilingual worlds that have existed in these lands for centuries.

For more information on this amazing opportunity, click here.

Travel: Highlands Tour of Georgia & Armenia

A Cultural Journey to:
Artsakh-Armenia & Tusheti-Georgia
July 17 – August 2, 2015


Join us for this extraordinary adventure, featuring an exciting new itinerary to the rugged highlands of Armenia and Georgia. Led by trust-worthy and knowledgable local guides and managed by John A. Graham, you are in good hands.

For more information on this tour and other tour opportunities, visit the Georgian Chant website.

Travel: Monastery Tour of Georgia – Colchis & Svaneti

A Cultural Excursion into:
Highland Svaneti and Racha
July 1 – 12, 2015


Imagine, if you will, the time of the ancient kingdom of Colchis, a time when Greek and Roman traders bartered for Svanetian gold along the jungle-covered slopes of the Black Sea coast. For the sea-faring traders, the interior lands of Colchis were as mysterious as the Sea was to the highlanders.

On this tour, we’ll be visiting, discussing, and imagining the reality of the kingdom of Colchis, and its tenuous relationship with the highland Svans and Rachans. Join us for this unique journey, it will be an adventure.

For more information and other tour opportunities, visit the Georgian Chant website.

Conference: Making and Unmaking Borders: Global, National, Local (March 7 – St. Edwards University)

Making and Unmaking Borders: Global, National, Local
World History Association of Texas – 2015 Conference
Sponsored by St. Edward’s University
Held at: St. Edward’s University (Austin, TX)
March 7, 2015

The 2015 interdisciplinary conference on Making and Unmaking Borders invites examinations of the process of making and unmaking borders including political, ideological, social and cultural borders. The Conference Organizing Committee invites interested grades 4-12 teachers, college and university faculty, independent scholars, and graduate students to submit paper proposals on any subject, period or area of world history. Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Borders made and unmade through conflict
  • Borders made and unmade through treaties and/or diplomacy
  • Cultural boundaries
  • Borders and identity
  • Post-imperial borders
  • Religious boundaries
  • Imagery
  • Experimental projects to engage students in thinking about borders and boundaries
  • Use of technology in teaching world history

For more information on this conference, click here.

Travel: Math in Moscow + Other Opportunities

Interested in studying Math? Always wanted to travel to Moscow?

The Independent University of Moscow, the Higher School of Economics, and the Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education are pleased to invite foreign undergraduate and graduate students specializing in mathematics and/or computer science to participate in the semester-long Math in Moscow program. Math in Moscow is a one-of-a-kind program that gives foreign students the unique opportunity to study under some of Russia’s most well-respected mathematicians, most of whom have extensive teaching experience at prestigious universities in the United States and Canada. Students from the US and Canada are eligible for grants that may cover tuition and expenses.

All Math in Moscow courses are taught in English, so no prior knowledge of Russian is necessary.  Continue reading

CFP: The East Ukraine Conflict Within the Context of Global Transformations

DEADLINE: February 9, 2015

Conflict in East Ukraine

The Ukrainian Institute of Strategies, Global Development and Adaptation would like to invite you to take part in preparing a collection of research papers, entitled “The East Ukraine Conflict Within the Context of Global Transformations”. The collection of research papers will comprise primarily philosophical articles aiming to understand the reasons for the crisis that triggered the armed conflict in the Donbass region.

Please send your articles before February 9, 2015.

Papers requirements are enclosed in the attached file.