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Study Abroad: USA in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine)

Deadline for Applications: February 28, 2018

USA in Eastern Europe

This program, run by the University of South Alabama through the School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS), will specifically address the history, culture, economy, and politics of these relatively young Slavic nations of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine, and their role within the European and International community today. It will focus on the struggle for these nations to find a national identity and to forge their own path despite massive amounts of pressure from external entities. Special attention will be paid to the history of the Jewish populations in the region, the history of the region over the past 100 years, and the popular political movements and revolutions in the past 40 years. Students will spend 3-4 days in each location visiting specific locations and museums as well as meeting with local scholars and experts who lived through these turbulent times in order to piece together an understanding of this often overlooked, but extremely important, part of Europe. Continue reading

Call For Papers: Slavicorp 2018 (Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Faculty of Arts, Charles Uni.)

Deadline for Submissions: February 28, 2018

SlaviCorp 2018, conference on Slavic corpus linguistics announces a call for papers.
The call can be found at: http://slavicorp.ff.cuni.cz/call-for-papers/

It will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 24 — 26 September 2018
Conference website: http://slavicorp.ff.cuni.cz/

Conference topics
The conference aims to cover a wide range of topics related to research
on Slavic languages:
– corpus research on any Slavic language, including also contrastive
topics using parallel or comparable corpora;
– development of Slavic language resources: corpora, lexica, annotation,
– applications of Slavic language resources for language technologies.

The official language of the conference is English.
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Funding: Project GO (Defense Language and National Security Education Office)

Deadline for Applications on Domestic Programs: February 20, 2018

Project Global Officer (Project GO) is a Department of Defense initiative aimed at improving the language skills, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. Sponsored by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office and administered by the Institute of International Education, Project GO provides institutional grants to U.S institutions of higher education with large ROTC student enrollments, to include the Senior Military Colleges. In turn, these institutions provide language and culture training to ROTC students from across the nation, funding domestic and overseas ROTC language programs and scholarships.  Working in support of Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC Headquarters, Project GO facilitates collaborative efforts both among universities and ROTC leadership.

In order to be eligible, at the time of application, an applicant must be:
  1. A U.S. citizen.
  2. An undergraduate or graduate student on track to commission through the Army, Naval, or Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), contracted or non-contracted, at a regionally accredited college or university in the United States.

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Study Abroad: Summer Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies in Astana, Kazakhstan (Uni. of Arizona and Nazarbayev Uni.)

Deadline for Applications: February 25, 2018

The University of Arizona, in collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nazarbayev University, is now accepting applications for the 2018 Summer Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies in Astana, Kazakhstan. We particularly welcome undergraduate and graduate students whose research focuses on Post-Soviet Countries and Central Asia. We accept all types of funding.

Languages offered:
Russian (all levels)
Kazakh (elementary, intermediate)

Courses taught in English:

Students can enroll in one elective course in Eurasian Studies taught in English. In previous years, students were offered the following electives:

HST 100 History of Kazakhstan (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
HST 104 Central Asian History II (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
PLS 330 Politics and Governance of Eurasia (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
WLL 122 Introduction to Russian Translation Studies (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
WLL 230 Survey of Post-Soviet Russian Literature and Culture (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
KAZ 367 Practical Course in Kazakh Language and Culture (once a week on Fridays, can be taken concurrently with another elective) (non-credited)

The program dates are May 25-July 27 (9-week program, equivalent of one academic year) and 5-week programs: Session 1: May 25-June 30 (equivalent of one semester); Session 2: June 22-July 30 (equivalent of one semester)

The University of Arizona offers full health insurance coverage, pre-departure orientation and advising sessions, and 24/7 counseling services to all program participants.  Students can start the application process and find more information about the program, including its cost, course descriptions, and extra-curricular programming at https://global.arizona.edu/study-abroad/program/arizona-kazakhstan

Please note that the 2018 application deadline is February 25

All inquiries about the 2018 Summer Session in Astana can be directed to Dr. Liudmila Klimanova, Director of the Arizona-in-Kazakhstan Program (klimanova@email.arizona.edu) and Dr. Victoria Thorstensson, Director of SSRES at Nazarbayev Univeristy (victoria.thorstensson@nu.edu.kz).

Study Abroad: Overseas Professional & Intercultural Training (American Councils)

Deadline for Applications: February 15, 2018

American Councils is now accepting applications for their Overseas Professional & Intercultural Training (OPIT) Program!

Through OPIT’s six-week English-language internships, students gain the substantive overseas professional experience and intercultural communication skills demanded by today’s global market. Participants can choose a placement in a variety of fields, including democracy-building, human rights, business, innovation, STEM, education, gender issues, journalism, public health, environmental protection, and social services in one of 17 countries throughout Eastern Europe and Eurasia:

Armenia*                                            Kazakhstan                                          Moldova

Azerbaijan                                           Kosovo                                                 Montenegro

 Bosnia & Herzegovina                        Kyrgyzstan                                           Russia*

 Bulgaria                                              Latvia                                                  Serbia

 Estonia                                                Lithuania                                             Ukraine

 Georgia                                               Macedonia                                          *Indicates special scholarship available

Program dates for Summer 2018: June 13 – July 29

All internship placements are facilitated by local American Councils field offices that are actively engaged in the host country’s civil society and maintain regular contact with U.S. Embassy officials and the American Councils DC office. Full-time in-country staff members oversee the professional and intercultural program, assist participants with administrative and personal matters, and work closely with the host organization to ensure that participants are engaged in meaningful projects.

With funding from the U.S. Department of State through the U.S. Study Abroad Grant, American Councils is pleased to offer special scholarships for OPIT participants in Armenia! Awards range from $1,000 – $2,000. 

They are also pleased to offer a special Business, Technology, and Innovation Scholarship for OPIT participants in Moscow, Russia! Awards range from $3,000 – $5,000. 

Knowledge of foreign language is not required. Participants earn 4-5 U.S. academic credits in intercultural communication issued through Bryn Mawr College.

Applications are due by February 15, 2018, and can be found online.

Please direct any questions regarding the application process to the AC Study Abroad Team at American Councils for International Education (Phone: 202-833-7522; email: outbound@americancouncils.org).

For more information regarding the Overseas Professional & Intercultural Training Program, please visit our website. Financial aid is available on all programs.

Graduate Program: Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia (Carnegie Corporation of NY)

Deadline for Applications: February 23, 2018

The Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia (MSSR) is a seven-week-long summer program that brings together leading Russian and American experts and top American graduate students to explore bilateral relations, Russian foreign and security policy, culture, and economics. The curriculum consists of several daily lectures and seminars in an intimate setting that allows MSSR fellows to learn from the best minds in the field, think together, ponder the vicissitudes of Russian history and politics, and discuss ways to alleviate the current crisis in bilateral relations. Over half of the curriculum is taught in Russian. MSSR 2018 will include teaching modules on Russia and Northeast Asia, cybersecurity, the history of bilateral relations, U.S.-Russian arms control negotiations, Russian iconography, the Russian military, among others. Ambassador Jack Matlock, Dr. Dmitri Trenin, Matthew Rojansky, among others, will be teaching at MSSR 2018.

Fellows who complete the program will acquire a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of contemporary Russia. Through intensive instruction in both English and Russian, they will have the opportunity to strengthen their language skills in the context of their academic interests. The program is funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Language Training: Hebrew and Polish Summer Institute (Arizona State Uni. in Tempe)

Deadline for Scholarship Applications: February 28, 2018

Arizona State University of Tempe’s Critical Language Institute has announced their Summer Language Training Programs. This year, they have extended the deadline for scholarships and applications to their Hebrew and Polish Intensive Language Trainings.

These intensive courses taught at Arizona State University in Tempe cover an entire academic year’s worth of material in seven weeks.  It’s an ideal way for students with previous language experience to get the basics of their next language.

Details may be found at: https://melikian.asu.edu/cli/languages

Job Opportunity: Program Assistant at Kennan Institute (Wilson Center)

Deadline for Applications: February 10, 2018

The Wilson Center seeks a Program Assistant for the Kennan Institute. The incumbent will provide administrative support to the program.

Must have experience:

  • arranging travel and hotel accommodations
  • completing appropriate travel authorizations and vouchers, purchase orders, and other accounting-related paperwork
  • coordinating activities and planning upcoming events
  • drafting correspondence
  • proofreading correspondence and reports for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in English and/or Russian.


  • Provides administrative support to Director, Deputy Director, and staff of the Kennan Institute.
  • Prepares and edits various correspondences for proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Arranges travel and hotel accommodations for staff members and participants in the Institute’s activities; completes appropriate travel authorizations, travel vouchers, purchase orders, petty cash, and other accounting-related paperwork.
  • Prepares and organizes Kennan Institute public events; responsible for set-up, microphones, and all other logistical matters.
  • Organizes multi-day conferences including travel logistics, catering, supplies, creating and formatting agendas and program materials, and coordinating staff and attendees.
  • Assists with scholar administration including organizing scholar competitions, onboarding procedure, management of internal scholar seminar schedule, visa support, and scholar list.
  • Assists with outreach, including communications by phone, e-mail, webpages, and social media.
  • Maintains and edits the Kennan Institute blogs.
  • Answers phones and office-wide email to provide information related to program activities.

For more information and instructions on how to apply please visit: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/490150500

There is no limit to the number of applications received. Deadline for Applications is February 10, 2018

Study Abroad: Politics & Public Diplomacy in Contemporary Russia (American Councils)

Deadline for Applications: February 15, 2018

American Councils is now accepting applications for their Politics & Public Diplomacy in Contemporary Russia program!

Program Dates for Summer 2018:

June 20 – July 22, 2018

Are you interested in learning about the political situation in Russia today?  This five-week summer program is designed to give participants new insights into the historical and cultural trends that have shaped Russia in the late 20th and early 21st century. Through readings and intensive coursework in the form of lectures, seminars, and discussions conducted with faculty of Moscow International University, program participants gain a fuller understanding of the complex factors underlying politics and public diplomacy in Putin’s Russia.

The academic program features approximately twenty hours per week of in-class instruction.  As part of the academic program, participants receive six hours of instruction in Russian language each week. Participants are grouped according to language level for the Russian classes; no prior study of Russian is required.

The program includes weekly excursions and cultural activities, housing in university dormitories, two meals per day, a pre-departure orientation in Washington, DC, and visa and logistical support.

Applications are due by February 15, 2018, and can be found online.

Please direct any questions regarding the application process to the AC Study Abroad Team at American Councils for International Education (Phone: 202-833-7522; email: outbound@americancouncils.org).

For more information regarding the Politics & Public Diplomacy in Contemporary Russia Program, please visit our websiteFinancial aid is available on all programs.

Study Abroad: Eurasian Regional Language Program (American Councils)

Deadline for Applications: February 15, 2018

American Councils is currently accepting applications for its summer 2018 Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP).  The application deadline is February 15, and applications can be submitted here.

About the Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP)

The American Councils Eurasian Regional Language Program provides graduate students, advanced undergraduates, working professionals, and scholars intensive individualized instruction in the languages of Eurasia. Participants may choose to study one of 16 regional languages:

Armenian, Azeri, Bashkir, Buryat, Chechen, Dari, Farsi, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Pashto, Romanian, Tatar, Ukrainian, Uzbek, or Yakut

PROGRAM DATES, Summer 2018

June 6 – August 9, 2018


  • Expert university faculty with a unique understanding of U.S. students and American academic culture;
  • Classrooms of only 1 to 5 participants to maximize individual attention to each learner’s needs;
  • 15-20 hours per week of in-class target language instruction in grammar, conversation, culture and area studies;
  • U.S. academic credit for coursework in the target language;
  • Home-stay housing with carefully vetted host families;
  • Conversation partners who assist U.S. students with language learning and help them find a niche in their host-country communities;
  • Weekly cultural activities that go beyond typical tourist destinations and offer students new insights into the host country life and culture;
  • Comprehensive pre-departure orientation as well as on-site orientation in each host city;
  • An active and extensive alumni network that includes international business consultants, professional translators, area-studies experts, and journalists reporting from the region.


Program cost includes tuition, room and board, cultural activities, visa support, comprehensive overseas insurance, 24/7 emergency support, pre-departure orientation, and academic credit through Bryn Mawr College.


Students admitted to American Councils programs are eligible to receive financial support from a wide range of sources, including the U.S. Department of State (Title VIII), Boren, Gilman, FLAS, and the American Councils Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.

Additionally, American Councils is pleased to offer special funding from the U.S. Department of Education. The Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Fellowship of $4000 is available to overseas Persian language students in Dushanbe, Tajikistan during the Summer 2018 session. Please see the program website for more information.


For program applications and detailed information, please visit the program website or send an email. American Councils staff will also be glad to speak with you and can be reached at 202-833-7522.