Academic Year Virtual Internship (Education USA Ukraine)

Deadline: July 31, 2021

EducationUSA Ukraine is currently looking to hire three virtual interns for the 2021-2022 academic year through the Virtual Student Federal Service. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in international affairs or international education and want to support the future leaders of Ukraine.

The full job postings with information about how to apply are below:
• Social Media Internship Program:
• Advising Internship Program:

CFP: 4th CEENASWE Conference: Occultism and Politics in East-Central Europe

Deadline: July 30, 2021

Since the nineteenth century, East-Central Europe has experienced rapid social, political, and economic changes, which caused transformation and transformations in local societies. Rising nationalism culminating in the Revolutionary year 1848, echoes of the Romantic movement, ongoing industrialisation, First World War, the emergence of national states and disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, later followed by the World War Two and establishment of the socialist regimes represent some of the key milestones the region went through. New sciences emerged, and local intellectuals also tried to cope with the impetuses from the discoveries in the Orient. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the rise of occultism and its further spread throughout Europe represented a peculiar reaction to some mentioned milestones. Local states dealt with these occult and esoteric movements differently, from suppression to silent support, and the movements themselves had various ideas about the meaning and aims of nations. We wish to investigate the links between the state, power, and occult and esoteric ideas, movements, and key figures more closely in this conference.

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Assistant International Student Advisor (Northeastern University)

Deadline: Open Until Filled

About Northeastern:
Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global research university and the recognized leader in experience-driven lifelong learning. Our world-renowned experiential approach empowers our students, faculty, alumni, and partners to create impact far beyond the confines of discipline, degree, and campus.

Our locationsin Boston; Charlotte, North Carolina; London; Portland, Maine; San Francisco; Seattle; Silicon Valley; Toronto; Vancouver; and the Massachusetts communities of Burlington and Nahantare nodes in our growing global university system. Through this network, we expand opportunities for flexible, student-centered learning and collaborative, solutions-focused research.

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Virtual Student Federal Service (US Dept of State)

Deadline: July 31, 2021

The U.S. Department of State is currently accepting applications for the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS).

The Virtual Student Federal Service is the largest virtual internship program in the world! This year we will offer 3,000 positions with 52 federal agencies. VSFS offers unique mentoring and exposure to job opportunities within the U.S. government.

Each year, applications are open to U.S. college students during the entire month of July. Go to VSFS to see the 950+ projects available. Then, create an account on, build a resume, and apply to the VSFS vacancy announcement. VSFS does not require any documentation although you may upload transcripts in your USAJOBS profile if you like. The most important part of your VSFS application is your personal statement of interest.

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Study Abroad: Program in Poland for MA/PhD Students: Totalitarianism in East-Central Europe 1939–1989 (Pilecki Institute)

Deadline: July 15, 2021

The program is aimed at fostering reflection on the regional experience of facing two totalitarian regimes and introducing it into mainstream discussion on the history of the 20th century.

The history of confronting totalitarianism, both as a personal and a collective experience, delivers a universal message in the face of contemporary challenges of radical political evil. Studying the fates of individual people and developing a proper understanding of history is key to facing these challenges now and in the future.

The project is carried out by the Pilecki Institute in partnership with the Valdosta State University.

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CFP: AATSEEL Roundtable: Testing and Assessment

Deadline: July 1; August 15, 2021

Diverse teaching approaches require different types of assessment. Many of us have been teaching online during the 2020-2021 academic year and have encountered multiple instances when our approaches to testing needed to be adjusted. We invite you to share your observations and teaching experiences from Slavic and East European classrooms at our roundtable.

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CFP: AATSEEL Stream: Russian Literature and Western Modernism

Deadline: July 1; August 15, 2021

Due to the legacy of official Soviet literary policy, the intertextual presence of Western modernism in the writings of Russian authors, until recently, has been discussed as an exception rather than a systematic phenomenon. We would suggest that recent research is shifting this paradigm and that the exceptions that testify against the rule are too numerous not to explore in a more systematic way. In this stream of panels, we invite papers that look into influences, repulsions, translations, allusions, publishing histories, and other aspects of Russian authors’ engagement with modernist aesthetics in the ‘West’ (Anglo-American, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.). Papers may consider Russian literature of any period. We hope to put together three panels that can be arranged either according to a thematic or a chronological principle and that might address some of the following questions: Which representatives of Western modernism left a noticeable trace on Russian literature? In what way? How did the official Soviet, underground, or immigrant milieu shape Russian interaction with Western modernist works? How does post-perestroika Russian literature perceive Western modernism, and how has this shifted in recent years?

There are two possible deadlines for the submission, July 1 and August 15. The proposal should be submitted via the AATSEEL site.

CFP: AATSEEL stream: Carceral States in Slavic and East European Studies

Deadline: July 1; August 15, 2021

In light of the controversial events related to issues of policing and incarceration that we have witnessed in the past year in the U.S Eastern Europe and Russia this proposed stream aims to examine the field’s understanding and teaching of/in prisons. The powerful legacy of Russian and Eastern European authoritarian regimes and their historical practices of unjust detention imprisonment and exile also offer the opportunity to consider how the past inflects more recent conflicts between the state and its citizens and immigrants. Our panel will showcase new research on prison literature a category that includes but is not limited to fictional depictions of prison and labor camps autobiography memoirs and letters from a range of eras. Our roundtable will address approaches to teaching prison literature and academics teaching literature in prisons a growing practice in general and within Slavic Studies in particular. Operating on the principle that prisons are institutions which are intricately tied to society despite their fortified walls obscuring what happens therein this stream seeks to illuminate an array of carceral states understood both as governmental biopolitical regimes of punishment and control and the experiences of captivity and coercion.

AATSEEL’s two deadlines are July 1 and August 15. If you are interested in joining our stream, please be sure to indicate this intention when submitting a paper or roundtable proposal here.

Research Associate, Complex Languages of Central and Eastern Europe (University of Sheffield)

Deadline: July 23, 2021

The School of Languages and Cultures is seeking to appoint a Research Associate to take part in a project funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. The project, entitled Feast and Famine: Confronting Overabundance and Defectivity in Language, looks at non-canonical inflectional morphology in morphologically complex languages of central and eastern Europe. It includes eight institutions across four countries: the UK, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Estonia, and will be led by Professor Neil Bermel (University of Sheffield) in collaboration with Professor Dunstan Brown (University of York).

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