Job: Program Coordinator and Part-Time Russian Language Instructors (Russian School of Indiana)

Deadline: Open Until Filled

The Russian School of Indiana seeks a program coordinator and part-time instructors of Russian-as-foreign language (children and adults, various levels) as well as Russian-as-a-heritage-language (children, various levels) to teach on-line.

Qualifications: comfortable working with heritage speakers and/or people with no background in Russian; some proficiency  in use of ZOOM (or equivalent) for on-line language instruction. More info about school is at

If interested, please send an email to: and include your resume, contact information, and any questions you may have.

Acad. Job: Russian Language Lab Instructor (Macalester College, Minnesota)

Deadline: Open Until Filled

Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, is seeking a Russian Language Lab Instructor for the 2020-2021 academic year. The language lab instructor provides Macalester students with supplemental classroom language instruction. Health and safety conditions permitting, the language lab instructor will live in Macalester’s Russian House and provide students with a resource for cultural study and conversational practice. If residency in the Russian House is not feasible for any duration of the academic year, the lab instructor ideally will residein reasonable proximity to campusin order to serve as a resource for students of Russian and organize cultural activities. This full-time position is open to candidates who currently reside in the United States.


  • Provide supplemental classroom instruction in Elementary and Intermediate Russian courses (in conjunction with Macalester language faculty and adhering to all established college academic standards and procedures)
  • If health and safety conditions permit: reside in, manage, and regularly speak Russian with residents of the Russian House for the entire duration of the contract (August 25, 2020 – May 17, 2021)
  • Act as a resource for students by providing advanced conversational practice, cultural study, and tutoring as needed 
  • Lead or assist students with organizing and promoting cultural activities
  • Occasionally replace faculty members when they are ill or out of town for professional conferences
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Acad. Job: Instructor, Russian Immersion – virtual Language Training Center (Concordia College)

Deadline: Open Until Filled

Our Language Training Center at Concordia Language Villages is seeking to add a new team member to our August virtual immersion programs. Given the timing of our sessions (08/03 – 08/14, and 08/17 – 08/28), it could be a wonderful opportunity for any Russian language and culture enthusiast to master their online teaching skills and experiment with creating a cyber-immersion environment for our students.

In these challenging but advantageous times, we would welcome all innovative and unconventional approaches leading to our students’ success and satisfaction.

We cannot give any promises as of the moment, but in theory, these online programs may develop into a regular LTC offering, and thus, our summer instructors may become our year-long team members, including on-site sessions (when time and situation permit us to reopen).  

Please, follow the link below to the formal application page and help us to spread the word about this opportunity among all prospective interested  candidates:

Online Summer Ukrainian Language Course (SRAS)

Ukrainian for Russian Learners is a two-week introductory course aimed at those who have studied Russian the equivalent of two years or more. It is a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with another Slavic language and boost your overall understanding and cultural integration should you choose to study in or otherwise visit Ukraine.

This course will be taught in Russia and will serve to reinforce your Russian language comprehension as well.

The course is 10 academic hours of study, half synchronous, half asynchronous. Class size is limited to 6. More sessions will be added based on demand.

Webinar: Teaching Polish During the Pandemic

Event Date: June 6, 2020

The webinar will feature three presenters: Dr. Christopher Caes, Dr. Piotr Kajak, and Mrs. Joanna Pawlina.

When: June 6th at 10 am (EST)

Where: Zoom (please contact us at to get the access link)

The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought many changes to the way of teaching foreign languages. Even though all institutions had to shift to remote teaching, different schools have taken different approaches to distance learning. The three presenters will discuss how their programs adapted to the new situation, and to what effect. They will discuss related topics such as the mode of teaching (synchronous and/or asynchronous), online teaching methodologies, remote etiquette, students’ engagement, managing online anxiety, and others. The webinar will be followed by facilitated discussion to allow for attendees to discuss best and worst practices and to reflect on the future of online teaching.

Presenters’ bios:
Christopher Caes is Lecturer in Polish at Columbia University.  He earned his Ph.D. in Slavic Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Film Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.  He has taught previously at the University of Florida and Florida State University.  His area of research is 20th-century Polish literature, film, and culture, and his teaching has included Polish and Russian Language, Polish Literature, Slavic Studies, Film Studies, East European History, Science Fiction Studies, and Norse Mythology and Culture.

Piotr Kajak, Assistant Professor at the POLONICUM Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners, Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw. Teaches Polish as a Foreign/Second/Heritage Language. Obtained his degrees from cultural studies, Slavic studies, foreign language acquisition and political sciences. His research interests include: Second/foreign language acquisition; culture pedagogy in SLA/FLA; teaching Polish as a foreign/second/heritage language; popular culture in SLA/FLA; Polish popular culture; hip-hop culture; aca-fan approach.

Joanna Pawlina a Dual Language teacher at Claremont Elementary School with a degree in Early Childhood education from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master’s Degree in Dual Language Teacher Leadership obtained from Roosevelt University. Mrs. Pawlina also serves as a dual language liaison for the district where she teaches. Dual language education is her passion and her dream is to inspire Districts to offer such programs to all students.

Job: Assistant Director of REEE Program (UNC Chapel Hill)

Deadline: June 16, 2020

The Language Flagship is a federally-funded, national initiative to change the way Americans learn languages through a groundbreaking approach to language education for students from kindergarten through college. Through a network of Flagship programs at institutions of higher education across the U.S., the Language Flagship graduates students who will take their place among the next generation of global professionals, commanding a superior level of proficiency in languages critical to U.S. national security and economic competitiveness. Flagship students participate in intensive language courses which are supplemented by tutoring sessions and various co-curricular activities. The program culminates in an Overseas Capstone Year featuring rigorous language study, extensive cultural immersion, and a professional internship.

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Internships with US Department of State

Deadline: June 12, 2020

U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program (Unpaid)
Now Accepting Applications

The U.S. Department of State is currently accepting applications for the U.S. Department of State Spring 2021 Student Internship Program (Unpaid).

Please visit the Intern section of our careers website for more information about the U.S. Department of State Spring 2021 Student Internship Program (Unpaid), and to learn about the selection process and which office may be right for you.

Visit to view and apply to the announcement. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is June 12, 2020.

We suggest that you submit your application as early as possible to ensure that all documents have been uploaded properly and to account for any technical glitches that may occur.

U.S. citizenship is required. If you have any questions or would like to search for topics of interest, please visit our forums or FAQs at

CFP: Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Conference

Deadline: June 15, 2020

The organizing committee of SCLC-2020 still hopes to have the conference as scheduled in December 4-6, 2020, as planned. The confirmed invited speaker of the conference is Martin Haspelmath.

In case it will not be possible to hold SCLC-2020 in December, the event will be moved to June. We have now the exact dates for this plan B: June 4-6, 2021. The confirmed invited speakers of the conference in June 2021 are Martin Haspelmath (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History) and Sergey Say (Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Typology).

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Summer Study Abroad Webinar (American Councils)

Event Date: June 1, 2020

Please join American Councils Study Abroad on Monday, June 1st at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific) for an overview and Q&A about our upcoming Summer Online Programs.

AC staff will provide an overview of the Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program (RLASP) and Politics and Public Diplomacy program (PPD), including course content, instruction methods, application procedures, and more. There will be plenty of time to ask questions of the panelists. For those who cannot attend live, a recording will be sent out to registrants afterwards.

This webinar is open to students, faculty, advisors, and anyone interested in learning more about American Councils Study Abroad Online Programs.

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CFP: American Society for Theater Research

Deadline: June 1, 2020

American Society for Theatre Research, November 5-8, 2020 (*note this is the same weekend as ASEEES)

Working Session – Disrupted Nationhoods and the Repetition of Change: Theatre and Performance in Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia

Continuing from last year, we invite proposals to our Central and Eastern European focused group that advance our conversation toward dismantling artificial binaries (east/west, national/state, tradition/progress, minority/majority, etc.) based on static notions of repetition and reperformance. We want to further explore performance and theatre as means to disrupt core conceptions of seemingly clear-cut “new nationalisms” and cultural boundaries and identities. With our shared focus on countries reshaped and reconstituted numerous times, we ask: what does reperformance mean in a context where identities have been reformed amidst repeated geographic upheaval and political turbulence? What meanings does repetition create where the most frequent form of repetition is change? What can reperformance mobilize for audiences who have often witnessed it merely perform rearranged, narrativized pasts to serve agenda-laden purposes? How does performance conceptualize “national” and ethnic identities of the region–themselves often transnational–as borders are redrawn around/through them? How does performance offer useful disruptions of localized identities that embrace, integrate, or reject the global and transnational beyond recycling the familiar? Within such a context, does repetition or reperformance inevitably fail? If so, what modes allow us to analyze theatre and performance from this part of the world?

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