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Job: Foreign Service Office Management Specialist (U.S. Department of State)

Deadline for Application: October 25, 2016

Announcement No.: OMS-2017-0001

Position Title: Foreign Service Office Management Specialist
Open Period: October 12, 2016 – October 25, 2016
Series/Grade: FP – 0318 07/07
Salary: $35,364 – $51,933
Promotion Potential: 03
Position Information: Work Schedule is Full-time – Permanent after tenure granted by a Foreign Service Specialist (FSS) Tenure Board.
Hiring Agency: U.S. Department of State
Duty Locations: MANY Vacancies throughout the World

Who May Apply

Must be a U.S. citizen. Potential applicants should read the entire announcement to ensure that they meet all of the requirements and understand a Foreign Service career.

Applicants may not reapply for one year after the previous application for the same positon.

If a State Department Suitability Review Panel denied suitability in the last two years, you may not apply (except Diplomatic Security Special Agent (SA) candidates whose denial was based solely on the unique requirements for SAs.)

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CFP: How to Study the History of the Slavic World Today? (St. Petersburg State Univ.)

Deadline for Papers: October 30, 2016

In September of 2017 St. Petersburg State University proposes to hold an International Congress of Historian-Slavist dedicated to the following theme
How to study the history of the Slavic World today?

The message of the congress.
The origin of Slavic studies as a special field of scholarship on the border of the  XVIII–XIX century was closely connected with genesis and development of national сonsciousness of Slavic nations in the modern period. Intellectuals of Central and Eastern Europe offered a new understanding of the fact of Slavic linguistic community and raised to the principally other level Slavic identity. To a certain extent It was   connected with development of nationalism among Slavic peoples as a special multidimensional ideological trend and at the same time a complex social phenomenon

The idea of Slavic studies as a special field of knowledge was developped in following periods. Slaviс studies were much required field of scholarship in the second half of the XX century due to the Cold War and withstanding of Great Powers. By will of the Fate the majority of Slavic people were included in one of the antagonistic military political blocks.
The end of the Cold War and serius geopolitical changes caused by it seriously affected Slavic countries. The Slavic identity started to play rather modest part in new integration  processes in the modern Europe. One Slavic countries became members of the EU and NATO. Other feel the threat to their identity and cultural and spiritual heritage, so they find alternative in attraction to Russia.
All these facts and processes put a question before a researcher about consequences, which the  present  position of the Slavic world would have for Slavic studies as a scholar discipline. Slavists meet following questions.
1. What is the Slavic identity now?
2. What is its role int context of modern social political processs?
3. How should we study the history of the Slavic countries?
4. What is its place in infrastructure of scholarship and University teaching?
5. Do Slavic studies have perspectives as an independant discipline and a field of research?

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Job: Outreach & Programming Coordinator (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Deadline for Applications: October 24, 2016

Outreach and Programming Coordinator
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Outreach and Programming Coordinator works with the Director and Associate Director in the development, planning, organizing, and implementation of the Center’s outreach activities.

• Develop, initiate and oversee projects for REEEC-related outreach programming that includes campus, K-12, community college, business and media communities.
• Manage Center programs and projects under the direction of the Associate Director, with primary responsibility for organizing and executing visits by speakers, conferences, workshops, and public events.
• Organize and execute the activities of the Summer Research Laboratory.
• Provide direct supervision of graduate outreach and SRL assistants.
• Organize and supervise data entry and draft narrative for grant administration and reporting.
• Develop ideas for programming and draft parts of major center grant proposals.
• Work with other area studies personnel and faculty to design, coordinate, staff, and implement joint outreach activities (public and special events).
• Act as liaison to campus and university outreach community to develop collaborative activities and shared service.
• Build relationships with constituent communities by attending educational events and community programs and publicizing Center activities.
• Provide FLAS fellowship program support as needed.
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Job: Head of Reporting and Political Analysis Unit (OSCE-Ukraine)

Deadline for Applications: October 18, 2016

PAE Government Services, under contract for the U.S. Department of State, is seeking applications from well-qualified U.S. citizens for the following position within the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE):

Head of Reporting and Political Analysis Unit

Area of Expertise: Political Affairs
Source: OSCE – apply by 10/18 to receive full consideration
Vacancy Number: VNSMUS00449
Experience Level: Senior Management
Location: Ukraine

View the full job description: https://www.pae.com/careers-react-opportunities

In order to receive full consideration, interested parties should create an online application and enter the relevant vacancy number at: https://www.pae.com/careers-react by October 18. Only finalists will be contacted.  PAE-REACT will interview short-listed candidates in order to make nominations by the OSCE deadline.

Requirements include, but are not limited to:

-University education in international studies, public policy, political science or law or related fields;
-Minimum 10 years relevant, diversified and progressively responsible professional experience including at least 5 years at the management level relevant to the actual position;
-Diplomatic experience or experience working in political affairs with international organizations or Governments;
-Significant prior professional experience in relevant fields such as human rights, political and security issues, or related field, preferably in an international environment or within operational missions;
-Significant experience in political reporting and with sound analytical skills;
-Proven management and supervisory experience;
-Professional fluency in the English language with the ability to analyze and communicate clearly and concisely;
-Strong advisory, organizational, and communication skills;
-Proven ability and willingness to lead a team, with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, different gender, and diverse political views, while maintaining impartiality and objectivity;
-Diplomatic and negotiating skills;
-Some knowledge of the OSCE principles and commitments;
-Cultural sensitivity and political judgement;
-Ability to cope with physical hardship and willingness to work extra hours and in an environment with limited infrastructure; proven resilience to high stress environments;
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Study Abroad: Spring 2017 SRAS Programs (Eurasia)

Deadline for Applications: October 15, 2016

The Spring, 2017 application cycle for SRAS programs abroad in Eurasia is still open.

Students can study abroad in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, or Kyrgyzstan in a range of programs covering subjects related to the location (e.g. Conflict Resolution, Security Studies, Central Asian Studies, Art, Diplomacy, Environmental History, etc.). Internships are also available, with particularly wide opportunities in Warsaw and Kyiv. Deadlines and start dates vary by program.

Find out more at http://sras.org/program_spring . Funding opportunities: http://sras.org/funding. 

The School of Russian and Asian Studies is an organization committed to encouraging the study of any subject related to Russia, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus since 1996. SRAS offers a wide array of study abroad programs formulated for credit transfer to American institutions. SRAS also specializes in facilitating faculty-led programs abroad and in assisting travel abroad for academic researchers. SRAS also develops free resources for language learning, language advocacy, and funding and distributes them for free via its websites. Find out more at www.sras.org

Job: Deputy Head of Programme Office (PAE – OSCE)

Deadline for Applications: October 11, 2016

Deputy Head of Programme Office

Area of Expertise: Political Affairs
Vacancy Number: VNKAZS00082
Experience Level:Senior Management
Duty Station: Astana
View the job description: https://www.pae.com/careers-re act-opportunities

In order to receive full consideration, interested parties should create an online application and enter the relevant vacancy number at: https://www.pae.com/careers-react by October 11. Only finalists will be contacted. PAE-REACT will interview short-listed candidates in order to make nominations by the OSCE deadline. Continue reading

Funding Opportunity: Fellowships for Advanced Students of Russian & Persian (Fulbright-Hays)

Deadline for Applications: October 17, 2016

American Councils for International Education is pleased to announce U.S. Department of Education, Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad (GPA), fellowships for advanced overseas Russian and Persian language study. Fulbright-Hays fellowships are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic merit; fellowship awards of approximately $7,000 are available for semester study on the following programs:

Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program (RLASP) in Moscow, Russia
Fulbright-Hays funding is available to advanced undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in RLASP Moscow, which places students of Russian in the country’s economic and political center. During the program, students attend specially-designed classes at Moscow International University (MIU), a private institution founded in the spirit of U.S.-Russian cooperation after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Fulbright-Hays funding is available to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Dushanbe for the study of Persian. ERLP Dushanbe enables U.S. students to study the Persian language at the advanced level in an authentic immersion environment with experienced, leading faculty, born and education in Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Continue reading

Job: Program Office, Economic Co-operation & Governance (OSCE)

Deadline for Applications: October 18, 2016

ISSUED BY: Secretariat
FIELD OF EXPERTISE: Economic and Environmental Affairs
DEPARTMENT: Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities
DATE OF ENTRY ON DUTY: As soon as possible
DATE OF ISSUE: 20 September 2016


This position is open for secondment only and participating States are kindly reminded that all costs in relation to assignment at the Secretariat must be borne by their authorities.

Candidates should, prior to applying, verify with their respective nominating authority to which extent financial remuneration and/or benefit packages will be offered. Seconded staff members in the OSCE Secretariat and Institutions are not entitled to a Board and Lodging Allowance payable by the Organization.

The principle objective of the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA) is to strengthen security and stability in the OSCE region by promoting international co-operation on economic and environmental issues. The mandate of the OCEEA is guided particularly by the OSCE Strategy Document for the Economic and Environmental Dimension, approved by the OSCE Ministerial Council in Maastricht in December 2003.

The Economic Governance Unit stimulates particularly economic co-operation across the OSCE area towards strengthening good economic governance. Its activities also include improving investment and business climate, promoting efficient labour migration management and combating corruption. Continue reading

Funding Opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Anthropological Archives (Smithsonian)

Deadline for Applications: October 17, 2016

The National Anthropological Archives (NAA) at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), Department of Anthropology is offering a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship that focuses on research within the NAA to establish methods, standards, and criteria for enhancing the discoverability of cultural anthropology data and materials within its holdings.

The NAA is the nation’s largest archival repository dedicated exclusively to collecting and preserving records documenting the history of anthropology and cultures of the world. These collections represent a major investment of private and public scholarship relevant to ongoing scientific interests in anthropology and related fields. NAA materials are used by a wide variety of academic, citizen, and source community researchers to help answer questions that range from the communal (i.e., human-environmental relations) to the global (i.e., language endangerment). Despite their cultural and historical importance, these materials are not being used to their fullest potential. Discoverability and optimal use of the collections is hindered by archival descriptive practices that do not align well with current interests of anthropological scholars and other researchers.  Recognizing this problem, the research carried out during this postdoctoral fellowship will help establish a better understanding of anthropological user needs and data-gathering practices that will inform improvements in the representation of archival materials. The postdoctoral fellow will help identify the needs and requirements of both archival custodians and researchers in an effort to improve archival descriptive practice and researcher success in discovery. Through user surveys and other means, research will consider the nature of contemporary anthropological inquiry and its archival legacy, the historical and current use of anthropological archives, and the analysis of how established archival practice may impede or enable discovery of these resources.  Continue reading

Professional Devel.: Volunteer Opportunities (Peace Corps)

Deadline for Applications: October 1, 2016


The Peace Corps wants the best person for the right position. Check out our Featured Jobs for opportunities in countries you may be less familiar with, those with a large number of openings, or those looking for specialized skill sets. How will you put your skills and talents to work?

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