Selected Publications

YW Naguib, D Lansakara-P., LM Lashinger, BL Rodriguez, S Valdes, M Niu, AM Aldayel, L Peng, SD Hursting, Z Cui, Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro and in vivo evaluations of 4-(N)-docosahexaenoyl 2’2’-difluorodeoxycytidine with potent and broad spectrum antitumor activity. Neoplasia, (2016), 18(1):33-38.

X Li, S Thakkar, TB Ruwona, RO Williams III, Z Cui, A method of lyophilizing vaccines containing aluminum salts into a dry powder without causing particle aggregation or decreasing the immunogenicity following reconstitution. Journal of Controlled Release (2015), 204:38-50.

M Niu, YW Naguib, AM Aldeyel, YC Shi, SD Hursting, MA Hersh, Z Cui, Biodistribution and in vivo activities of new tumor-associated macrophage-targeting nanoparticles incorporated with doxorubicin. Molecular Pharmaceutics (2014) 11(12): 4425-36.

X Li, AM Aldayel, Z Cui, Aluminum hydroxide nanoparticles show a stronger vaccine adjuvant activity than traditional aluminum hydroxide microparticles. Journal of Controlled Release (2014) 173: 148-57.

S Zhu, M Niu, HL O’Mary, Z Cui, Targeting of tumor-associated macrophages made possible by PEG-sheddable, mannose-modified nanoparticles. Molecular Pharmaceutics (2013) 10 (9): 3525-30.

BL Rodriguez JM Blando, DS Lansakara-P., Y Kiguchi, J DiGiovanni, Z Cui, Antitumor activity of tumor-targeting RNA replicase-based plasmid that express interleukin-2 in a murine melanoma model. Molecular Pharmaceutics (2013) 10 (6): 2404-15.

P Wongana, DS Lansakara-P., S Zhu, M Holzer, MA Sandoval, M Warthaka, Z Cui, Just getting into cells is not enough: Mechanisms underlying 4-(N)-stearoyl gemcitabine solid lipid nanoparticle’s ability to overcome gemcitabine resistance caused by RRM1 overexpression. Journal of Controlled Release (2013) 169 (1-2): 17-27.

S Zhu, P Wonganan, DS Lansakara-P., HL O’Mary, Y Li, Z Cui, The effect of the acid-sensitivity of 4-(N)-stearoyl gemcitabine-loaded micelles on drug resistance caused by RRM1 overexpression. Biomaterials (2013) 34 (9): 2327-39.

A Kumar, P Wonganan, MA Sandoval, X Li, S Zhu, and Z Cui, Microneedle-mediated transcutaneous immunization with plasmid DNA coated on cationic PLGA nanoparticles. Journal of Controlled Release (2012) 163 (2): 230-9.

WG Chung, MA Sandoval, BR Sloat, DSP Lansakara-P., Z Cui, Stearoyl gemcitabine nanoparticles overcome resistance related to the over-expression of ribonucleotide reductase M1. Journal of Controlled Release (2012) 157(1): 132-40.

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